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Head, shoulders, knees and toes...

Yes all of the above are sore. So I decided to join the gym this week. Micah has been diligent in working out in the mornings before he goes to work and I figured I should do the same considering I have no physical activity going on in my life right now. I mean shopping of course is a sport in itself and has kept me lean in the past few months while taking a break from my dance class, but I needed something a little more strenuous. So the gym it is. It is funny because you don't realize how out of shape you are until the morning after your first workout. It was really perfect timing in me joining the gym this week because work was so stressful and so sweating out all my frustrations helps...a lot! I am determined to get in shape this holiday season instead of gaining weight. I am a sucker for baked goods especially since I am the one baking 80% of what I consume, so that changes this year. Micah and I are on track so far so we will see how we hold up, I mean Thanksgiving is only two weeks this is going to be harder than I thought.

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