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Does distance make the heart grow fonder?

I know, I know I am totally slacking on the weekly blogs. I was in Quebec last week and was too busy to even check my email so a blog was not on the agenda. I haven't even had time to write about the awesome surprise I returned home to.
As I entered the baggage claim area of LAX I found Micah standing there with a bundle of roses and open arms. After we finished making a very lovey dovey PDA and gathered my belongings we were on our way home, or so I thought. Micah asked me what I wanted to do since we were in the LA area and I said I didn't care. He said he had something in mind that I might enjoy. Next thing I know we are driving through Pasadena, (only one of my favorite cities in all of California) and we are in a very familiar area. Then next thing I know we are making a right hand turn into the Ritz-Carlton! I was freaking out! He is so awesome. He took me out to dinner and we had the best time and great wine. The following morning we ordered room service for breakfast and ordered a movie to watch and we just got ready to go shopping in Old Town Pasadena. Can you believe it, after this great surprise he still took me shopping. It gets even better, he had one more surprise for me. At the end of Sunday evening he handed me two tickets to the upcoming Feist concert next Monday. Seriously nothing beats coming home to your husband after a business trip, just being able to see them and hug them again, but I must say this was definitely a lot of icing on the cake!
To answer my question about distance making the heart grow fonder...yes it does. But as Tricia (My dear friend) put it, when your hearts are already fond, it explodes! How very true...

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