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Busy, Busy, Busy

OK so this was a busy week for Micah and I. I know what you are thinking...that is nothing new for you two. In this case I was actually busy with my job and because of this I was unable to blog about the events that took place this week. So Monday night was the Feist Concert. If some of you weren't aware that I was going to the Feist concert then you should read my blog from last week. Micah bought me tickets and we had the greatest time! He took me to dinner at this place called Tu Tu Tango. He has never eaten there but it used to be one of my fave restaurants some years back and haven't been since. He loved it and it was as awesome as I remember it being. After that we had time to kill so we walked around the Universal City Walk and he bought me Ben & Jerry's ice cream for dessert. Then we headed to one of the best concerts ever!

Then came Wednesday, which was Micah's 27th birthday! I had to work later than usual and Micah was planning on being home before me so Shannon came over and decorated the place before he arrived home. She said it turned out looking like an incompetent toilet papered our house but I thought it looked awesome. You can be the judge from the pictures. She wanted me to note that she was pressed for time and only had a few minutes before Micah came home. Micah wanted a special dinner called Chinese Fondue. I have no idea were the Chinese aspect comes into play considering I learned this meal from friends in Quebec and it is a French Province. Anyway you have an onion/beef broth that boils in the fondue pot and we had fresh Venison that Shannon's dad actually hunted and then had shipped frozen to us, so awesome. Anyway you cook the raw meat in the broth and we had veggies, bread , cheese and good wine to compliment the meal. It was amazing and Micah had the best time. I can't explain this meal but it is truly one of mine and Micah's favorite. Then we finished the evening with homemade Pumpkin Creme Brule. Delicious!

The Spread!The Decor!

The Company! Micah admiring his new watch
The Birthday Boy torching the dessert
Then came Friday which was Bea's 5th Birthday! We were so excited to be able to celebrate her birthday. I mean it seems as though just yesterday she moved in next door wearing diapers and was such a baby girl to us. We went out to a little 50's diner called Ruby's. They have the best burgers, fries and Milkshakes around and was the perfect spot to celebrate her Birthday! After that we went back home for cake and ice cream and watched Bea open her gifts!

Bea couldn't wait to try on a few of the gifts she received!

You can never have too much birthday cake...

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See Mommy Go said...

Hey girl, I hope you made that cake that you guys are enjoying for Bea's bday ;)

Hope you are doing well - I saw you a few weeks back at Red Robin, but didn't want to impose while you guys were mid-bite in your meals!

Happy Holidays!
~ Stacey (from Pilas)