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Viva Las Vegas!

This blog was originally going to be about a wedding Micah and I were planning on attending. As of Friday afternoon we were planning on going to a wedding for an old high school friend of mine, but plans changed around 4:30 pm Friday afternoon. I received a call from my older brother (Bear) letting me know he was leaving for Vegas in an hour and a half to go celebrate my younger brother Greg's 21st birthday. I knew immediately that I wanted to be there to celebrate as well, how could we miss this. I called Micah and of course he rationalized the situation but in minutes realized we had nothing to lose. I basically had 10 minutes to pack for the both of us and rush to my mom's to leave for Vegas. We were on our way. I can't tell you much of what happened there but I can say Black Jack is our new jam and Micah and I came home several hundo up. $$$ YAY! It was a blast, Vegas rocked! Happy 21st Birthday Greg and Joey!
Me and my bros. Micah and Frankie
This one's for you Bill. Micah dancin' a jig in the pub...
Welcome to the Meat Market
The dress I would've worn to the wedding...
High rollers, a.k.a my entourage for the evening
We found the loosest slots in town

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Bill Meis said...

What's interesting, is that the real Nine Fine Irishmen all either lived and died in NY, we're shot and killed, or were banished to Australia.

Which would you choose? Exaaaaaaaaactly!