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xBaKe or DiEx

What is up party people!!! That is right you are looking at a cake I made last night. Let me fill you in on what I am doing Monday nights. For one of my birthday gifts Micah signed me up for a cake decorating class. You all know how much I love to bake so this was a perfect gift. Last week I wasn't to keen on the class, to be honest it was boring and I would have preferred to be home eating wings and watching the game. How wrong was I about the class? Very wrong. Look what I was able to accomplish in just a couple of hours. I was so excited. I was the only one in class who was freaking out, I guess they have all made three dimensional fish bowl cakes before...geez! Can a girl get a Woo-Woo!
So I drove carefully all the way home. You know, one of those people in the slow lanes who are going incredibly too slow, and people are driving around you and looking at you like you are crazy. I was like, "hello people I have a masterpiece in the car!" I turn onto my street and the cake is still in tact. As I pull into the driveway I honk to announce that I am home...side note: I called Shannon and Davey on my way home and told them to stay awake because I wanted them to see the cake. So the honking of the horn was for them. Anyway, I pull into the garage and I don't know if it was the incline of the driveway but the cake fell over. I just sat there in pure disbelief. How the heck did it last the whole way home and then I pull up and it cracks in half. Can you believe it, I didn't cry...well you know how dramatic I can be so I surprised myself. The thing is you could still make out how it was supposed to look and I was happy with that, plus the fact that I had one of the girls in class take a picture of me with it just in case something like this happened. All I have to say is "Let them eat cake."


jennifer ensor said...

wow! totally impressed with your cake making abilities. although i am not surprised you did it. you are definitely in charge of the girls cakes next year. start looking for flights now!!

shannon said...

ok, xbake or diex is hilarious. seriously, nice call on that.