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Pumpkin Patch

Sunday we woke to a beautiful Autumn morning. The air was crisp and I had to put on a sweater before heading outside. We went next door and enjoyed pumpkin pancakes before getting ready to head over to the pumpkin patch. There is a small pumpkin patch that is down the street from us. The Quiggles' have made it their tradition to go there with Bea each year and since we do everything together it has become our tradition as well. There aren't many pumpkins to choose from but they have a huge tree that has swings and ropes hanging from it that we all go mess around on. Between playing on the ropes and taking about a hundred photos with all the pumpkins, I'd say we spent more than an hour there. Final outcome: Became too hot and had to remove sweaters and no pumpkin. I know the owners were probably so upset that we were using all their pumpkins as props for our photos and then decided that we didn't like the selection and just left. The kicker of the story is that it got so bloody hot outside that we had to stop and get a Slurpee from 7-11. So much for Autumn in Cali.


Jammie said...

You all have so much FUN!

shannon said...

how can i get me to never wear that outfit again?

shannon said...

ps. holy crap, i left a comment!!!!