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Jimmy Eat World

One word: AMAZING! I really was not expecting the concert to be so awesome! Micah and I went and saw them last night at the House of Blues in Anaheim. We ate before and by doing so, were let in early for the show. I realize that might be confusing, basically if you eat at the HOB restaurant you get early access to the show, so we did just that. However, you were supposed to order one entree per person in order to get this pass. We did not, but our waitress was awesome and gave us a copy of another tables bill and that was that. Now that I think about it they didn't even check to see if we had a receipt...hmmmm. Anyway, we got in and placed ourselves right behind a couple who were leaning against the barricade...we were basically close enough to catch the sweat and spit from the band...gross I know I am just trying to help you visualize how close we were. Cameras were not permitted so I have no pics of the chaos that went on within. I had a blast and got along great with all the other people near us, great atmosphere, great show! I had to take off my heels to stand and so I held them over my head, which worked in my favor because if I didn't have my arms up I would've been squished, literally. Micah was holding on to me as best he could but there were about a thousand other bodies pushing up against us and it was just crazy! I loved every minute of it.

This was a picture from Micah's cell phone

Look we are sweaty messes after the show.

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