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"I'm ready for my close up"

Well it is that time of the year when Micah and I actually have a GOOD excuse for dressing up. For those of you who know Micah, he likes thinking out of the box for our costume ideas. This year he wanted to go as an early 1900's starlet and a press photographer (paparazzi of that era) It was such a clever idea, he even made his own camera for the get up. I thought the camera was the most impressive part but Micah was more excited that his costume permitted him to smoke his cigar during the evening. He even came up with a name for my character. Imagine when everyone asked what my character's name was I said (in a raspy older voice) "Catherine Belle, but my friends call me Cat" It was fun because we got into character all night, more so me than Micah. I called Micah "Jack" or "Charlie" all night. The party was a blast. They had separate rooms with so many different things going on. They had a dance lounge area with strobe lights and a fog machine and then the main room is where most of the guys were playing guitar hero. There was also board games going on outside, so much fun! We were there, of course, until the early morning before calling it a night.

We went next door to show Shannon our costume and Bea insisted that she take a picture with us because she takes really pretty poses, which is evident in this photo.
We hadn't even left the house before Micah started getting into character.

Micah strutting his stuff on the dance floor.


shannon said...

write a new blog. to hell with work. you are there to write in your blog and IM with me. you've really been letting me down these past weeks. what am i supposed to do over here? am i expected to WORK just because YOU are working? that's bullshit.

shannon said...

you didn't post my comment...liar.

Jammie said...

You two always have so much fun!

Kikiloo 2 said...

that top picture is fierce nat...i like how you catch the light and don't lose your neck ;)