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Autumn in Cali

Please read Micah's (my hubby) blog titled "Time to Harvest" before reading this. His blog is under fellow bloggers, named Most Handsome Guy Ever.
OK so now that we are on the same page and you have read his blog I would beg to differ.
There are so many changes in California that indicate the season has changed. First off, the weather does change. I mean it decreases from triple digit weather to 85-90 degrees when it is fall. Leaves change...they do. I know we only have a few trees planted in front of houses and on the streets for looks but those trees change to a beautiful orange, red and yellow. Micah isn't from Cali so he is used to an abundance of trees changing color at once, so of course he wouldn't notice the few we have. It also gets a little foggy in the morning when driving to work, that is a sure sign that Fall is here. Let's see...what else, oh ya and my allergies kick in, that only happens when it changes to Fall. Chimney's are filled with smoke and the children are nestled snug in their beds, while visions of sugar plums dance in their heads.Oh wait, I think that is from a story. Well, whatever you get the point, we do get all four seasons and I love Fall. I don't care if I have to over decorate my house with fall decor to get the feeling or not. Cali Rocks!

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