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Garage Sales

So, there is no room in my dresser drawers or any room to hang clothes in the closet, yet I still have a heck of a time finding something to wear. Frustrating you say...very, but it only means one thing, it is time to have a GARAGE SALE! I love garage sales. I always have. I remember even as a young girl getting my neighborhood girlfriends to have a garage sale with me so we could raise money for something or another. As an adult I look forward to preparing everything the night before so when I get up at the crack of dawn all I have to do is drag everything onto the driveway. I know you are thinking this is so lame, and probably even boring, but how wrong you are. It is so fun and also challenging at times. I mean you set up the signs the night before so it is practically a race to get everything set up before the customers start arriving. Yes, I said customers. The rush of five to six people at a time is invigorating. I mean watching your junk disappear in only a few hours is exciting. Bargaining is the best! I love throwing in a free little sometin' sometin', for people who have purchased quite a few items but I get irritated when people are low-balling me for something that is a great price. Garage sales have become an actual event for me, especially since I moved to Menifee. God blessed me with a neighbor who is not only my best friend but is as crazy about garage sales as I am. We drag out our chairs, and sit and watch while people rummage through our once loved junk. We normally are nibbling on some pastry one of us prepared while sipping coffee with Bailey's. We have the best time encouraging each other to drop the price of an item just to get the sale or saying "stick to your guns" when we feel something is worth the price we set. We put our brains together when we are trying to sell something to someone who only speaks Spanish. We have learned to say any dollar or change amount so we have never really had a problem. Hold on, it gets even better. I wear an apron that has pockets so I have dollar bills in one pocket and change in the other so it makes each transaction quicker. The real purpose of selling stuff is so Shannon and I can go shopping afterwards. Silly I know. You would think after selling our old crap we would not want new stuff to take it's place. You can't help it. After everyone has been shopping in front of you for hours and with pockets full of cash, it is only natural to want to go and shop ourselves. As I am typing this I realized how excited I am for tomorrow's garage sale. I can't wait.

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mrs. bear said...

I totally know what you mean!!! I love garage sales. Getting everything ready the night before and then waking up early and getting donuts and watching as people find treasures in your old junk. It's great.