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I wish they all could be California Girls

Four day countdown until my sis and nieces arrive here in Cali. They are flying in from Nashville, and I can't wait to see my southern gals. Jennifer (a.k.a Ensor Dispenser) decided that she and the girls would be flying out to visit us a few months back, but when it actually came down to booking the flights it was determined that Matthew (Micah's Bro, her husband and my favorite brother in law) would be coming as well, Yee-haw! Our nieces, Vail Blue is 2 years old and Katy Jace is almost 6 months are the most precious little girls. Vail is spunky and at that wild age, which we love, and Katy is just the sweetest baby girl ever. I love them all so much and can't wait for them to get out here so we can really party it up out here in Cali. We probably will lounge around our pool, make a trip to the beach and will definitely be having lunch with Mickey and the gang at Disneyland. I knew I was excited but I didn't realize how much until I looked in the guest closet and realized I bought matching outfits for the girls, for practically every day they are here. I couldn't help it...really I couldn't. I know Micah is just as excited because he has bought just about every inflatable pool animal there is. He even bought battery operated fish. Yes we are out of control, I know, but we are thrilled to have them come and visit us. This next week is going to be off the hook!

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Ensor Dispensor said...

wow! your hair really is lighter (garage sale pic) love it! I can't believe you put that pic of me up there. love you anyways. see you in four days!!!