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Cell Phones

Why is it that when I leave my cell phone at home I freak out like the day can't go on. Half way to work this morning I realized I left it on the charger and just about panicked myself sick until I thought about why I was freaking out. I thought why do I need it, if someone calls I can just check my messages by using my work phone. That's when it hit me, my work phone. I still have access to a phone all day, so what makes it such a big deal to not have my cell phone. Well for one, I don't know any one's number. That is the thing with these little inventions, I no longer have to memorize numbers or write them down. I just enter the persons name and number and press save, it then gets filed in my phones memory and not my own. There was a time when I had so many phone numbers stored up in my brain, but now I only know like five. Sad isn't it, I don't know why I feel like a big part of my day will be taken away, I mean it is only a few text messages or phone calls that I might miss and it's not like I won't be home in eight hours to retrieve them. What is the matter with me! If you think about it, not too long ago cell phones were mainly used as a necessary tool for emergencies. Now I am acting like not having it is an emergency. Why is it we become so attached to these annoying little things. Really they are annoying? I always think "get off the phone," while people are engaging in a conversation on their cell phones while being rung up at a register or when even worse when you're out with a friend and they receive a call on their cell, instead of them letting the person who called know they are with someone right now they remain on a twenty minute phone call. See what I mean, they are the rudest gadgets ever! I guess it's not really the phone itself but the person using it. OK, OK now after becoming angry about cell phones I realize it is so unnecessary to have one. Well...for today anyway. But I will say if I did have my phone I would be able to take a picture of myself to add to this blog.

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