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football and wings

Why is it that when football season comes around you automatically crave hot wings. I mean the Hot Wings marketing industry have really done a great job in making sure people associate hot wings with football. Today is Monday which means one thing for the next few months, MONDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL. I am not an obsessed fan or even have a favorite team, (well I do like the Titans') but I really do enjoy watching the games and relaxing on Monday nights with some wings. Since a Hooters Restaurant has opened fairly close to us it has made it an even sweeter deal. I love their wings! Plus there is also a new Buffalo Wild Wings near us and they are awesome too! I must admit that before marrying Micah I did not care for wings. I have a thing with eating chicken off the bone and well basically I thought they were messy and were not too lady like to eat these little things. Micah was always down for some wings and well...I have to admit I was addicted from the first bite. They are awesome! I am always ready to put down a few of these little pieces of goodness. Now that I have talked about it, looks like I need to start figuring where we are going to get wings from this evening.


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I need to tell Steph to read this, maybe you can convert her.