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Simply Serve- January "Serve Yourself"

Welcome to our Simply Serve recap for January. If you are new to Simply Serve 2014 read HERE to get the scoop.  
Our theme for January was Serve Yourself. 

Sometimes it can be overwhelming to figure out where to start, who to serve, when to serve. Each month we will pick a person to serve. It can be as simple as once a month, or doing service for the whole month. We’d love it if you joined in with us and shared your experience at the end of the month during our link up.
Our theme for January was Serve Yourself.
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When I originally teamed up with this fab group of women to inspire, encourage and even be held accountable to Simply Serve this year I never once thought about myself I'm the matter but how I could better serve others without it being a big to-do but just simply doing something to bless others. 
When the first months theme was to simply serve yourself I cringed and even felt uncomfortable with it. I'm not one to want to take time for myself and often feel selfish doing so.  
Its like God needed me to have this theme start my year so He could reveal to me the difference between being selfless versus selfish. How taking care of myself, or even some time for myself is anything but selfish. 
Twenty-Fourteen started out rough for me with a brutal sinus infection which struck me down hard only to have my sweet babes catching that terrible plague of a flu going around, not to mention back to back travel for my husband. 
This month, in the midst of all the cleaning up, picking up, wiping their snot up, making sure they were bathed, fed, clothed, washed, on time for church and school, making sure to get them out for play dates or meet ups with friends I started to think about the whole taking time for myself thing. How I love my kids and make sure all their needs (plus some) are met but how I barely even take the time to pluck my eyebrows or take a shower for that matter.

I truly believe God loves me more than I love my own children and knows He wants the best for all of us. I started to get this feeling I wasn't demonstrating that to my kids. 

How was I setting an example for my children to see how precious we are in God's eyes. How much He loves and cares for us. How taking care of ourselves is a good thing because He deems us important. 
So not only have I been choosing better food choices this year but also made the effort to join the gym to exercise regularly so I can have more energy to keep up with my littles and to establish a healthier lifestyle in our home. 
This means getting up earlier and going to bed at a decent hour. Doing so gives me the ability to not only get my sweat on but have time to shower (which I rarely did before, I know that sounds so gross but really I never made the time for myself and besides Dry Shampoo and me started a very special bond back in 2012 and didn't want to break that relationship up) but also I have been able to get into God's word and have some quiet time all before the babes wake. 
I realized by just rearranging some things and prioritizing my time differently I have been able to have some time to prepare my heart, health and mind for the day which ultimately makes me a better ME all around. 
I want the kids to see a woman after God's own heart who also wants to look decent for their daddy, feeling somewhat womanly by actually getting dressed each day and who radiates love from being loved by a God who is so good.
The biggest thing besides making some minor changes at home and working out before they wake up was actually taking some time to get away to attend something I would really enjoy while they soak up some quality daddy time. 

It was much needed for all of us and to think I had almost sold my ticket because Micah was traveling so much and felt selfish (there's that word again) taking a day for myself when I thought we should catch up on some family togetherness but quickly thought this could be my Serve Myself assignment. 

So I kept my ticket and against the urge of wanting to stay home I woke up early, curled my hair, actually took time to do my make-up and headed out for one gloriously filled day at Creative Tea Time.
A day of crafting, eating, chatting, more crafting, more eating, winning giveaway prizes and walking away with more swag one bag could handle not to mention a heart full from time spent with beautiful creative souls. 
It was such a lovely day and forgot how some time away only refueled me for my family. In my haste to hurry out of the house that morn I forgot quite a few things including my camera so all these photos were taken by the sweet Kayla of Love Sparkle Pretty! Can't thank you enough girl!

I really am looking forward to this year for so many big reasons but also am excited about the upcoming months of the simply serve posts and to see what all of you are doing as well. 

For starters I'm about to sip my coffee and read how the other lovely hostesses kicked off this year with Simply Serve and what they did for themselves. 

Be sure to link up below so we can be encouraged and inspired by all of you!


Kristina Abel said...

Oh giiiiiiiiiiiiirl!!! I love this so much. And you. Where have you been all my life?! xo

Luisa Abrahamson said...

You are so beautiful!!! inside and out.... I love your blog and everything about you!! thank you for being such an inspiration... xoxo