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Matterial Fix Giveaway

I know I have been absent from this lil' ole blog for awhile but am here today with something new and exciting! 
I recently had the privilege of meeting some girls who are rad. Their talents are rad. Their hearts are rad. What they are doing with their new business Matterial Fix (which they just launched) is crazy rad. 
Plus today they are giving away something from their new collection and of course that is awesome for one of you! Before we get into that goodness I wanted to share a bit about Matterial Fix and what they're all about.
Matterial Fix is...
Undeniably Materialistic:
We design beautiful jewelry that women want to wear.
Passionately Philanthropic:
10% of every purchase goes directly to organizations bringing positive change to girls around the world.
What You Buy Matters
In buying jewelry you love, you give girls an opportunity to empower their lives.
Why girls?
We believe that girls matter, and when properly supported they become self-aware young women who get a choice to be educated. If given the chance, girls become empowered to make choices that play a meaningful role in ending cycles of poverty.
If we care for a girl’s needs across the board, we have a really good chance of making sure she lives a long and healthy life—changing her life, her family’s, and her community’s. With that, our thoughts are simple: when girls and women survive, all of us thrive.
What We Do
Each season, we will partner with an organization that invests in girls through programs in education, self-awareness, and safety from exploitation.

Today in India, many girls suffer the fate of abuse and forced prostitution. However, through the kind hearts of hardworking non-profit organiza- tions, young girls are rescued and given the chance to change their lives.
That’s why we’ve partnered with Freedom Firma non-profit organization in India dedicated to the rescue, restoration, and justice of sex trafficking victims. Inspired by their work, we will give 10% back to help fund rescue missions and support aftercare programs that restore dignity to the lives of girls. 
For our Fall/Winter collection, we were inspired by a trip we took to India. There, we came across beautiful Indian architecture and intricate textile block printing techniques that have ultimately come to define our line’s cultural aesthetic.
What a great company with fab jewelry + partnering with amazing organizations to help change lives, like I said...RAD!
You can hop on over to check out the entirety of the India Collection HERE
Also to make sure to keep up with new collections and to know what organzation they will be partnering next be sure to follow them on Facebook and Instagram

But before you go, Matterial Fix is celebrating their recent launch and are graciously giving away one of the following pieces from the beautiful India Collection.
Woo-hoo! Now you can celebrate with them!

Enter using the EASY Rafflecopter below to win your choice of
The Paisley Ring // Elephant Pendant // Floral Bangle

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Kate Greer said...

Love this partnership! After going to India and seeing the level of poverty, first hand - this makes me so happy!
xoxo-Kate Styled Pretty

Lauren said...

Thank you for sharing this company!! I wish there were more companies like this!