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Vow Renewal Part Two

The events of this day are kind of a blur. Sort of like a real wedding except with the raw emotion of ten good years at the surface waiting to spill out. 
I was so excited yet so nervous. 
I had no idea why, it's not like renewing our vows was going to change anything but instead remind us of all the changes these past ten years have brought. 
With someone who knows you more than anyone else. Who has loved you through the good times and the harder. Who has stood by your side, growing in the Lord with you, dreaming big with you, conquering struggles together with you... 
by the Grace of God it was all possible.
So this day, our vow renewal day, was so so special for us.
The nervousness I talked about, the butterflies fluttering around in my stomach didn't seem to fly away until Elsie heard our cue to walk and gracefully took the first flower out to drop gently on the floor. 
Seeing her walk before me, witnessing the love of her parents, knowing she is part of our short story of ten years somehow lifted the butterflies and in its place swarmed in the tears of joy. 
This was a joyous event indeed. 
With friends and family (some who flew out for the event) and others who set up and tore down all the decor,were there to celebrate with us as we said our "I dos" once again, as a reminder of the sacred vows we said only ten years before.
We were so blessed by everyone who made our day so memorable. 

The afternoon started off with our dear friends Steven & Stephanie who set the mood with live folk style hymns + All Sons & Daughters tunes. They then sang "Sea of Love" to usher Elsie and I in. 
It was perfection and wish I had front row seats to hear them play it all again.

Our dear friend Donnie who officiated our renewal had me holding back tears the entire time as he spoke such truth from God's word + made it so personable seeing how he has watched us grow as a couple from day one.

I can go on and on with all who did something to add to our day like,
Handmade + Vintage touches everywhere. 
Homemade individual mason jar cobblers.
Peanuts and Kettle Corn.
Sweet Tea and BBQ.

In our own backyard, with all our loved ones.

I don't think I can even put into words how blessed we were by everyone who contributed in making our day what it was. 
The set up, the clean up, the decorating, the cooking, the serving + the praying all done by our selfless family and friends who not only played a part in the day's events but in our everyday lives. We love you. Forever and ever. Amen.

A special thank you to PhotoCube Rentals. We all had a blast with the photo booth!
Not only were they amazing quality photos with fun props but they were fantastic with little ones. 
I'm pretty sure Elsie and her sweet little friends had taken a bagillion photos and they were so accommodating and helpful with them it touched my heart.
Elsie's exact words were "Best Wedding Ever Mama" and I think it was ninety percent based off the photo booth fun.

Oopsy Daisy Photography by Emily captured so many beautiful moments of the day's events and without her skillz don't think I would've remembered half of it. She did our ten year anniversary shoot which you can see HERE

Below are some images I took from our Instagram feed. If you have instagram just search the hashtag #ensorstaketen and you will find lots of fun pictures taken from guests throughout the event. It was fun to see the experience through their lens. Below are just a few of my faves!
And below from my sweet Molly poo who helped with basically all the details of the event, surprised me with a sweet video of our renewal day. It captured such sweet moments and literally brought me to tears. Hope you enjoy it just as much!

ensor vow renewal. from molly june. on Vimeo.


Lauren said...

there is so much love in this post, it's bursting!!!! I love seeing posts like this!! xo

Kerrie Williams said...

this is so beautiful! How fun. I'd love to do something like this for our ten year. Also, I love All Sons and Daughters so I am sure the music was just perfect for the event :)

Sarah Tucker said...

Stunning bride. What a special ceremony! Love everything about this!

bloobirdvintage said...

just absolutely! fantastically! gorgeous!!!

Meet the Magnolias said...

I almost cried. Seriously. Y'all are such good hearts. Thankful for the love of God portrayed in your marriage.

Jessica Thornton

Colleen said...

These photos are beautiful! And you looked gorgeous. What a way to celebrate 10 years!

Laura@Splendor said...

i love you and your precious family! these pictures are gorgeous!!!