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10 Year Renewal (in photos)

Here are just a few photos from our ten year renewal ceremony. A glimpse into our day if you may. Many more fun photos to come with more details of our special event. I just wanted to share some of these sweet moments as I'm going through all the images myself. Love, LOVE all the memories our sweet photographer captured. 


TessBenson said...


Amanda said...

Wow! It looks like such a beautiful celebration!!! I can't wait to see more. =)

Carly said...

Love this, totally love it!!!


Loretta said...


The b/w pictures of you and Elsie look like a beautiful Estee Lauder ad or something you would expect to see in a national fashion magazine. Ethereal, sentimental, beautiful. Many more blessed years to you and Micah and your children.


Christen Dobbs said...

Aww, your photos are gorgeous! I look forward to seeing more and hearing more about it.