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in a blink

It was Friday and then I blinked and it was Monday. 
The weekend had come and gone. It was a goodie and wanted to make sure I posted a few pics from it to remember but was up late Sunday prepping for Elsie's tutu Tea Party. (which was today and was so so sweet)
I'm so glad I went through this past weekends photos because it was filled with sweet moments with friends and shopping with those sweet friends + spontaneous photo shoots in creepy alleys with them crazy gals!
Outside Picnics in our backyard. A backyard we will soon be saying goodbye to with our upcoming move. Long talks in this peaceful serene backyard will surely be missed
A weekend that we celebrated our church's 40th Birthday and was busy serving in the children's ministry all weekend and was blessed by all of it!
St.Patty's meal was feasted upon as well as a too many cupcakes as we celebrated our sweet friend's little miss turning one! 
This wasn't monumental but for some reason, this weekend will be remembered. It was one of those where I could tell you how the warm sun and cool breeze felt. How the spring grass and scents of flower blossoms around my yard will never be forgotten. How I felt a peace like no other about moving from this house and changing things in my life. How my heart wept for my sweet girl turning four and how four seems so much harder than the others because now she is officially out of toddler and into big girl territory. This weekend my heart was full and wanted to stop time for a moment as I looked at my sweet family and felt God's embrace as he showed me through each of them how much he has blessed me and far we have come. 
By the time I hit publish on this post it will be midnight. Which means my Elsie will officially be four. As I was downloading photos from her party today (which I will post later this week) Micah came in and kissed my forehead, he looked at the time and said "four years ago today we were watching episodes of Arrested Development while you were have crazy contractions and you didn't know it" I smiled and then laughed until he said, "in just a few more hours, four more years ago we would've had our precious Pearl"
So today we will be celebrating her. Her little life and what a blessing she is. 
Four years ago today I became a mama, and was forever changed. 
Holding my newborn Elsie in my arms and staring into her dark sweet eyes literally feels like yesterday, but here we a blink of an eye celebrating her four years of life.

It's days like this where I feel time is not on my side.

Hope you all have a blessed day, I will be smothering Elsie in kisses and spoiling her at the Happiest Place on Earth today!


Loretta said...

OK, so you've done it again--made me get teary eyed. You're good at that. smile. Happy Birthday to Elsie. You can see her blossoming and coming into her own through her pictures.

Brittany Kyte said...

Aww happiest birthday to little Elsie. What a gift from God :)

molly june. said...

happy birthday to the sweetest, cutest elsie i know. hope you're livin' it up at the big DL today :) can't wait to see you again SOOOOOON!!!

Cassi Brightforest said...

The little teal dress with the bikes is so cute and what a fun picnic

Lauren Helen said...

Oh my gosh she's such a doll :) Love those little dresses :)