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Weekend Schmeekend

So E & V are still on the mend. Which actually worked out because I think Micah and I were in recovery mode too. Not from being sick but just from lack of sleep and both having a looooong week. Though we laid low I felt super productive this weekend. 
Micah wanted to spend some daddy time with the two and so he took them to the park. While they played I was able to clean the house, gut our closets, made all our meals and even had time to shower and get ready for a very special night out with Micah Saturday night. 
You see we had made plans with another couple to go out without our tots in tow.  They were going to be in our neck of the woods, so for the very first time since having the babes we got a sitter. Now I know this may sound crazy to most of you but the only peeps that have watched our littles have been family. We travel with them everywhere and just always have them with us and so on the occasional outing my parents may come over or my lil' bro' and girlfriend watch them. Since no one was available and we really wanted to hang with our friends we had a very close friend watch them for the night. The thing is our friends ended up getting sick and had to cancel and so we initially called off the sitter but Micah thought it would be fun to just go out walking around, shopping and maybe grabbing a bite. Just us. So even with all sorts of anxious feelings in the pit of my stomach we decided to keep the sitter and go have a fun adult evening out. And yes it was glorious! 

Coffee drinking
Macaroon Consuming
Clothes Shopping
Hand Holding
Sweet kisses being stolen
Yummy Dinner
and just some all around great time together.
Just us.

Of course Elsie was still awake when we got home and was told Vernon went to bed almost two hours past his bed time but they were safe, happy and slept in today. No harm done and totally worth it.

Today has been so sweet. I was so bummed knowing I'd have to miss church and stay back with the babes...*sigh* again. Then Micah being on a roll with great ideas this weekend said for me to get ready and go solo first service and then come home so he could go serve second service. At first I was like "ummm no, I don't want to go by myself" but then realized that my heart really wanted to go and if that meant having to go solo, so be it.
And I was blessed. Worship was wonderful and the message was full. Full of wisdom, encouragement and applicable insight to push me to want to be better, try harder, do more for my Jesus.
As the babes are resting now and Micah is off serving God with his talents I am thankful for this warm cup of coffee made from my new Bialleti coffee express maker but even more thankful for God.  For knowing my needs and desires. For knowing Micah would be the best husband a girl could ask for in understanding me and encouraging me, always. 

Now that I've emptied my second cup of jo' + finished my grocery list for the week I'm off to snap photos of the last pieces of clothing that will be added to my new Cannoli Closet Instagram Sale. Yes you read that right. I recently have been buying a lot of the kids clothes (and even some of my own) through insta sales and since we are in the process of downsizing and praying whether we should be moving into a smaller home I felt the need to gut some of our closets, and then the idea sprang forth of @cannolicloset. Hope you'll stop by tomorrow as I launch this thang! If there's nothing for you maybe there is something for a friend so just send them my way! There will be new and slightly used, vintage, mens and some toddler goodness! 
Oh and one last thing... if you didn't already see, there is a rad giveaway for a Canon PowerShot happening now! Though I most often use my iPhone for pics I'm always in need of a great point and shoot and lucky for you all we're giving one away HERE! Don't miss out! 
Hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

Also, this scripture rang in my ears this weekend and thought I'd share.

"But one who looks intently at the perfect law, the law of liberty, and abides by it, not having become a forgetful hearer but an effectual doer, this man shall be blessed in what he does."
 James 1:25


Beth @ Through the Eyes of the Mrs. said...

Love your dress! Looking beautiful and I totally understand. We have never had a sitter either. Just family and I feel as though that season needs to come to an end and we really need to branch out some. It's so hard to make that decision. I'm glad you had a lovely date night. Oh and one more thing I have never had a macaroon. Are they delicious?

Tara said...

Sounds like the perfect date night was had. That outfit your supporting is adorable and I love the fact that the Mickeys & Minnies attended the playground trip - too cute!

Hanna said...

You always look amazing!!! Seriously, you never fail:) I adore those mustard tight and that little BnW dress! So cute! Yay, I'd be happy to shop your closet!

And I am the queen of overprotective parenting so I totally underhand!!! The only person who has really ever watched my kids is my mom. I've never, ever left them overnight and hardly ever for more than 3 hours at a time. I'm so glad you got brave and had a nice night out!!! I need a few of those.

Happy Sunday mama:) xoxox Hanna

Sassy Singleton said...

Your family posts always encourage me! Thank you for sharing!

Carly said...

How cute are you in your mustard tights?!? And your little ones pretty adorable!