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It's Friday

We just returned home from Disneyland a mere hour or so ago. I was tired from a late night out last night yet felt spontaneous as I drug myself out of bed and popped frozen waffles in the toaster while heating up some oatmeal at the same time. I looked at the weather and saw it was forecasted to rain but took my chances and threw on some clothes, got the babes dressed and headed to Disneyland with our umbrella in tow.
The thing about that awesome umbrella is that when I got off the tram and started walking into the park, it started to downpour. I quickly ran under an awning and looked for the umbrella that I swore I put under the stroller. 
Of course it was no where to be found.
I'm not going to paint the whole picture of me running through the park with a double stroller as it went from rain, to thunder storm to hail in a matter of minutes but just imagine my teal dyed tips dripping onto my new vintage shawl and mascara everywhere. 
Most of the rides were closed so we rode a couple, found a dry spot to eat some lunch and then waited until the rain died down to run back to the tram and head home. Though frozen and drenched we had a blast!
The babes crashed hard when I tucked them into beds and told them when they wake we are going to snuggle by the fire with daddy and have a family movie night. We are all excited to stay in tonight and cuddle. Me especially.
I sat down to process some orders and go through my inbox when I started looking through my weeks photos on my iPhone and thought what a blessed week I've had. 
From receiving loads of goodies in the mail from some amazing peeps to being encouraged by this weeks bible study. I had lunch dates, coffee dates and lots of park outings with the babes. 
I had a day where I felt like I was the worst mom ever but days filled with love and rewarding "I love yous" as reminders from my sweet little faces of how maybe I am doing an okay job. 
I was also invited by the sweet Ashley of Little Miss Momma to the launch of the new flagship store for Petunia Pickle Bottom, where we had the opportunity to see the new spring line and meet + chat with the amazing DeNai (the creator/CEO) of it all! I will post more on that later but just wanted to say that it was such a great night meeting new people and hanging with friends.
I'm really looking forward to having a quiet weekend and some much needed quality family time but wanted to pop on here and announce the winner for the JunkArtGypsyz Arrow Marquee Winner, because I know I would be stoked if my weekend started off with a win like this! 
Cindy Surber you're the winner, email me you lucky duck! 

Hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 


Laurie said...

Sounds like you had a great time, despite the weather! Enjoy your evening!

Carly @ Texas Lovebirds said...

Looks like a fun week!

And that vintage shawl..gorgeous! Hope it didn't get ruined!


Hanna said...

Looks like you had an amazing week!! I can't wait to take my littles to Disney!! In so jealous you live so close:) such wonderful memories for them!!!
Love your outfits as always Nat and will be excited to hear about your day with petunia pickle bottom! I've always wanted a piece but haven't yet justified it:)

I did however sign up for my first stitch fix!!! Uh oh:)

Lindsay said...

SO great meeting you girl. Next time we need to chat longer :) xo

Sara said...

I'm headed to Disneyworld in November and I'm SUPER excited!

Looks like a fantastic week despite the icky rain! :)

Treasure Tromp said...

I love to go to disney when it is just slightly raining - no lines!