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Family Time

Since figuring out our new family routine with Micah working on his masters after he gets off work and me still trying to fit in a night to stitch has been working out pretty good. There are still a few minor kinks and things I want to change to make sure we are spending quality time together and so this weekend was just what we all needed. I know what you're thinking, we are always together, and our weekend photos may look the same, but this time it was different. No working for me, school work for Micah and we hardly used the computer. We really spent time together. Soaking each other up. My heart and soul needed this recharge. More than I knew.
Friday night movie watching while all snuggling on the couch and late night dance parties were just part of the fun. 
There was no real highlight this weekend just a number of enjoyable moments. Family bike ride to the donut shop. Decorating the house with new goodies that I received in the mail. Having new friends over for dinner. Micah introduced the babes to Star Wars and and both Elsie & Vernon loved it (okay who am I kidding this was of course Micah's highlight of the weekend) Elsie was obsessed with princess Leia while Vernon would pick up anything around the house to use as a light saber. So awesome. 
Being able to sit together with Micah for church service was a blessing and enjoyed the rest of our Sunday grocery shopping together, going to the ice cream shop, more movie watching on the couch and then having the night to sit and write as I sip my tea and Micah studies for school. 
Also I ate waaaay too many sweets this weekend and I'm definitely paying for it. Cake, donuts, more cake, oreo truffles, chocolate fruit cups, ice cream...I won't go on because the point is obvious. #sweettooth
Micah and I talked about our family budget, schedule changes, life changes and heart changes. We opened up about how we want to be more purposeful with our time being used for God's glory not just as individuals but as a family. I can feel a major shift happening not only in myself and my heart but in the heart of our little family and though I'm not one hundred percent sure of what's next for us, I'm sure that God is faithful and that we are seeking His will for our lives. I'm so very blessed with my awesome family. The good and the bad days. The fun and the hard days. They are mine and I'm grateful, oh so grateful for them.


Danette said...

Love this. It's all for God's glory.

Hanna said...

Beautiful post Nat! So glad your life isxsgifting in such a positive direction!!! Xoxo H

Amanda said...

I'm drooling over that bunt cake!!! =)

ashley @ little miss momma said...

beautiful beautiful post! I admire your devotion! Your family and home are absolutely beautiful!