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scenes upon scenes

Last week was busy, so busy in fact I didn't have any time to sit long enough to document any of it.  Whenever I did have a moment to sit at the computer while the babes were resting was only to answer emails and process my shop orders, otherwise we were out taking advantage of the very short heatwave before the rains came!
And when the rains did come we headed out to visit Molly and her troop where we vintage shopped, ate yummy food and even taught miss thang to stitch (in like 5 seconds)
My week was full and blessed + I couldn't believe the response to the reopening of my shop and was brought to tears by so many new opportunities that came with it. God is so good. 
And just when my beautiful week was coming to an end, Friday morning struck and so did a sharp pain in my head.
One minute I was playing in the sunroom with Vernon and the next minute my vision went blurry and the right side of my body became tingly then went completely numb. Once I could see semi clearly out of one eye I found myself saying words like house, hose and worms when I was trying to say couch, blanket and water. 
Then the sharpest pain I have ever endured in my head brought me to my knees and had me more nauseous then one knew possible.
I became hysterical and had Elsie bring me my phone to call Micah. I thought I was having a stroke. 
To cut this very long story short, I had suffered a complex migraine. I have had migraines in the past they were just severe headaches that had me popping some Advil and resting for a few hours, this time I was in the ER for almost all of Friday.
Bless my moms heart for dropping everything to come sit with me at the hospital while they ran the MRI and other tests so Micah could get the babes home to nap. (I'm totally fine but will be seeing a doctor and neurologist to get this madness under control)
Cali love sweater from MNKR
It was just a minor set back to what became a wonderful weekend. Micah drove up to drop the babes off at my parents so they could hang out there for the day and have a sleep over with Grandma and Grandpa! Micah and I were able to spend the day together vintage clothes shopping and eating yummy goodness such as Bruxie
(amazing gourmet waffle sandwiches)
After taking our time shopping and enjoying the day we were so blessed to be able to take part in a new study our church is offering for married couples called The Art of Marriage! It is only once a month for the next few months and I can't wait to dig deeper into this lesson with Micah and grow as one in the Lord. 

Sunday, after picking up the babes from my parents house (can't thank you enough mom + dad) I was able to attend the sweetest baby shower for one of my newer friends from church and had a blast! Good food, great company and fun games, I can never get enough of events like that! 
new dress from Kintage 
(Love, Love, Love the look and feel of this dress, one of my new fave shops!)
We finished up our beautiful weekend with lots of wrestling and ice cream eating before turning it in!
I'm looking forward to tackling this week, getting into God's word, getting organized, and bringing some exciting things here to the blog later this week! Eeeek! Can't wait!
Hope you all have a blessed week!


Vanitha Sivapragasam said...

Nice one!

Tara said...

Hi Nat, I've just stumbled across your blog and I love it!

Looks like your weekend turned right around and that dress...lovely!

Happy Monday :)

Cassi Brightforest said...

Oh my goodness how scary. So glad it was not as bad as it could be.

the hollie rogue said...

SOOO glad you are ok and feeling better. what a scary headache!

kaylee@life chasers said...

So glad you are okay! That stuff is scary.
Your weekend looks absolutely perfect. And I need that waffle sandwich thing badly.

Anonymous said...

So glad you're alright! that must have been so scary! Happy you had a nice weekend aside from that though :)

heartgirl said...

Hi Nat,
So sorry to hear of your horrible migraine!But happy you were able to spend time with your husband relaxing, shopping, and eating!! I am looking forward to receiving all my pretty new things from you! Beautiful blessings my friend,
<3 Tammy

Charis Sharpe said...

Oh my gosh Nat, I'm glad that you're ok, that must've been absolutely terrifying!

Hanna said...

The waffle sandwich looks like I would probably die and go to heaven right that instant!!! The vintage dress is gorgeous and I will say a prayer for you tonight. I am so sorry to hear about your terrifying experience with a migarine! I'm a critical care nurse and those are the exact symptoms of a stroke. I am so so so glad you are ok. So scary. Please try to rest a little this week even with the success of the shop. Praying for you:) xoxoxo Hanna

Kenzie @ Life According to Kenz said...

Oh, momma! I deal with migraines as well and know they can get scary. My right side usually goes numb from my neck down to my hip.

Praying that you don't have to deal with one of those nasties again anytime soon! Love ya!

Carla Anysia said...

Hello Nat! I have been reading your blog for over a year now. I enjoy reading about your family, friends, and faith. Thank you for sharing all that with your readers. Your Etsy "shop" is fantastic and I am so impressed with your creations. I am so very sorry to hear of your very scary health experience. I pray that the Doctors can help pinpoint what brought it on.
Please take care and God Bless,
Carla from California