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Our First Christmas

It was almost ten years ago and I can remember it like it was yesterday. The feeling of being so far away from home and the anxious feeling I had in the pit of my stomach as we drove through a snow storm trying to make our way to Micah's parents house only 800 miles from my house in California, yet it felt like a million.
This was the first Christmas I would spend the Holiday away from my family and after spending almost fifteen hours in the car with the love of my life you would've thought that teensy bit of homesickness would've subsided, but it didn't.
I remember Micah candidly talking about his family's traditions and how they open all their gifts on Christmas Eve. (we had always opened ours on Christmas day) I also found out they didn't do Christmas stockings (my favorite tradition) and so my heart started pounding in my chest thinking I made a mistake, why didn't I just stay home is what I thought. 
You see, Micah and I were still dating at this time. Only six months of dating to be exact. I loved him and knew he would be the man I would one day marry, but during this very long drive together he revealed he wanted to finish another big tour with his band + finish college before he even thought about settling down. 
So between his Christmas traditions I was about to trade in for my own and the news that I wouldn't get married for like another three years had me sulking quietly to myself as I stared out into the white night. We couldn't see anything in front of us due to the weather and were literally driving fifteen miles per hour on the empty highway.
Then, just when I was about to tell him that I wanted to go home we hit a snow bump and our car spun out of control. We skid around a bit and then we just stopped. He looked at me. I looked at him. Then we just laughed so hard and couldn't believe that just happened. It was scary as heck but we were okay. His dad came and got us with his truck in a small town an hour or so from their house because after that point our car was no longer safe in these unfavorable conditions. This was the beginning of the adventure of my first Christmas with his family. Little did I know was that I was about to create life lasting memories with my soon to be New family.
I will skip all the details (and yes there were a lot of them in between) that took place leading up to the time Micah proposed. Yes, he proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2002. In front of about twenty of his family members. (I know what you're thinking, way to ruin the ending, but trust me I would've taken the long way around to tell the story if I hadn't told you first)
We were sitting in a large circle opening gifts, one by one and enjoying the gift opening process as we oohed and ahhhed over each gift. 
Then it happened. Well, I didn't know it was happening but it did. Micah came over to me and said that I needed to open one of the gifts from him since I hadn't yet. He handed me a small box. Not a jewelry size box but one large enough to hold this precious ornament inside
I remember pulling out the ornament and asking if he made it. It makes me laugh so hard now because I hadn't even noticed Micah was on one knee leaning in front of me and shaking no less from being so nervous. All I saw was a beautiful Chrismas Bulb that read "Princess" and it had a huge crack in it. He said he didn't make it and that it cracked on the drive down.(in actuality it broke when he shoved my ring into it)
Then me, with the questions, asked where he got it from. He said he bought the bulb from Disneyland because it read "princess" and told me that I would forever be his princess.
Still having no idea whats about to happen I started asking another question, because you see it was oddly quiet in the room and I felt that there was a lot of hype for this cracked Christmas bulb so I was trying to be as excited about it as possible and tried to ask questions about it so I could find out what made it so special. 
Then, before I could ask another lame question, Micah took the bulb from me and dangled it in front of me and started tugging on the string atop of it. What I hadn't seen was that inside this ornament was the ring he was about to propose to me with. 
Picture instant deer in headlights and a rush of tears. I don't even remember hearing Micah ask me to be his wife, I just sat there in shock with tear stained cheeks as I nodded yes and grabbed him so hard and so fast to kiss! 
Just like that night leading up to the time he proposed, our life together is nothing short of a crazy adventure and I couldn't be happier. 
Oh and don't worry, all that talk about wanting to finish another tour and college before we got hitched was just pshyco-babble he was feeding me to throw off the scent of any proposal to be had. We wed only five months later! 
Now every year at Christmas time I get to hang this precious ornament on the tree. It is one of my favorite traditions! To be reminded of that special day. To look at Micah and see how much we've changed and how much more in love we are now than we were on that cold winters night in New Mexico a decade ago. 
I love when people ask about the cracked bulb on the tree, because to everyone else it is just a broken ornament but to me it is beginning of my life as a wife to my Micah. 
Happy Friday!
Oh and one more thing, if we ever have a cup of coffee together remind me to tell you the story in its entirety, I promise it's much better.
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Ashley said...

i love this.... such a sweet love story!!!!! <3 you girl!

Sarah Kil said...

Your proposal story is amazing!! :D I love the ornament idea! So clever~~ This story was so well written too, I was really drawn in :) I also love that it has become a tradition for you.
I want to grab coffee with you now and listen to the whole story!
I dated my hubby for 6 months before we got engaged and then 4 months to plan a wedding. Our story is nothing like yours. Ours was doomed from the start! HAHAHA I actually wrote about it 10 days ago! Here's the linkg if you want to read it. :)

Thanks for sharing!

Coffee soon? :D

Shio Waline said...

That is seriously the cutest/sweetest story! Thank you so much for sharing this, it made me misty eyed! I love how you said that it seems like just a broken ornament to others but it was more than that to you! Have a great Friday!!


Annie said...

This is such a sweet story! I love that it's tied in with Christmas, and especially with your first one together :]

jillian at faith that laughs. said...

gorgeous pictures!! love hearing this story!

Kimberly said...

beautiful couple. Love your love story.

The Proverbs 31 Sanctuary said...

Hello there, found you through Royal Daughter Designs, what a magical story, how beautiful and heart warming, i was riding the emotion with you, you have so much passion in your words :) Tara.

Kristal said...

These pictures are so great. I love your style. Newest follower from Casey's blog hop.

Kristal said...

These pictures are so great. I love your style. Newest follower from Casey's blog hop.

L said...

haha!!! This is awesome! =) What a precious story to remember and tell your family about =) =)
I totally want to hear the long version =)
Much Love!

Nicole @ The Style Hatch said...

Cue the tears!! I love you and this is such a sweet story!!

Halie Renee said...

Oh this story is just precious!I may have gotten a little bit choked up reading it, but I enjoyed it. You should totally write the whole story complete with all the little details and everything! I would absolutely read that :)

The TWIT said...

I just cried. Love that story. So sweet, thank you for sharing it.

Candace hendrick said...

Sweet love story! My hubby and I went skiing in Idaho once having never done it before. When we tried to park all we did was make a big hole in the snow. We had to get a local to park our car for us! It's a funny memory.

Danielle said...

Great proposal stories are my FAVORITE and I gotta hand it to your amazing husband -- his is one of the best I've heard!!! What a sweet way to propose on Christmas!! I love your love for each other! Congrats on the almost 10 year anniversary of that day and merry Christmas!

Kasey Lynne said...

This story was so sweet! I loved reading every word of it!