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Today we are celebrating

Today is my best friends birthday. Who just so happens to be the love of my life and my babies' daddy as well.
We love him so much and can't wait to bake him a cake and have a fun low key dinner with friends tonight. It's funny how I want to do something crazy and outlandish for Micah every year but he just loves being with us and celebrating it with his closest friends and family. It doesn't help that his birthday falls the week before Thanksgiving when everyone is already busy and filling up their weekends with activities and so I can't help but feel a tad bad that we aren't going all out so to speak, but it works out because that's how he'd prefer it.
We love you Micah for loving us so well and being the best daddy and hubby we could ever ask for. For protecting us, providing for us, leading us, praying over us and most of all bringing out the silly in all of us. You are so deserving of everything and more! 
 Now hurry up and get home so we can get this party started!


Amanda said...

Happy birthday to your Mr. :) You guys are a beautiful couple. Such a precious family!


Ashley said...

Happy Birthday Micah! I hope I get the privilege of meeting you in person some day! Nat always speaks so highly of you! She is blessed to have a supportive husband like you!

shannon said...

I love that shark picture. Reminds me of when we first met. :)

Kelley Jordan said...

Happy Happy Birthday Micah! I hope you day is truly blessed!

Katie Did What said...

Aww happy birthday to your man!!! :) You and your family are just the cutest. I can't help but notice you're at my favorite place ever- Disneylandd!

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