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Dapper Dude + a Winner

I had no idea this would be so hard on me but it was. Vernon is my sweet baby boy and see him as just that. My baby.
You see we have never cut Elsie's hair, not even trimmed it (even though it may need it) it just grew out like little girls hair do and at three almost four hasn't really seemed to need one.
Vernon on the other hand didn't get the cute curly locks I assumed he would. No, he just started growing crazy boy hair that he uses as a place to store food.
We hadn't planned or even talked about it really but knew with family photos about to take place this weekend we should probably trim him up.
him with his long hair hours before his big boy cut
It wasn't even an option of where Vernon would be going to get his first hair cut. Micah has his own barber at Hawleywood's Barber Shop and said he wanted it to be done right. 
So that is where we took him. Except there was no we.
This is an old style Barber Shop where woman aren't permitted inside. This is a true gents only kind of place. I knew that before making he made the appointment, and didn't think anything of it until we got there. 
As Micah came to meet me outside and took our baby boy I realized a piece of me was about to die. My baby boy would come back looking like a big boy and so I did what any mother in my situation would do. 
I panicked.
And then kind of freaked out.
So I kind of whispered screeched for Micah to bring him back to me. 
Trying to stay calm I kissed Vernon's sweet face so hard and then stared at Micah down to the pit of his soul and said "Take as many pictures as possible and video"
The only thing with that was knowing Vernon is the hardest little man to capture a still moment of and knew that Micah would probably be holding him the entire time so I just felt nauseous while killing time with Elsie. 
We kept trying to casually walk in front of the barber shop to peek inside. When I say Casually I mean us walking, stopping right in front of the door and Elsie yelling, "I can't see cubs mama!"
Of course Vernon was set in the way back and not visible from where we were, and all that did was leave room for me to worry a bit. In my head I started making it a bigger deal than it was and regretting that we even decided to get his hair cut, that is until my sweet baby boy came waltzing out of the joint like he owned it, sporting a sucker no less like a boss. 
Though the lighting is bad and we are talking about taking pics of a twenty something month old who never stops moving, these pictures captured enough goodness for my heart to not hurt as much that I wasn't right there in the mix. Well, it still hurts a little, I mean come on! My baby boy is growing up faster than I can stand people!
UHMYGOSH! So stinkin' handsome right! I could just eat him right up! He totally looks so much older like I expected but something about seeing more of his sweet little face makes him seem like such a baby still.

So before I start tearing up and turning this into a total sob fest post I'm just going to switch up gears and announce the group giveaway winner of November's Group Giveaway
 Pamela Green Lemmon 
I will get you in touch with all the fab sponsors who were part of it!

Okay now I'm off to smooch the heck out of my baby boy's face! 


Casey said...

He is SO ADORABLE! He does look like a little man! And your dapper too!

Kimberly said...

he is so cute

Anonymous said...

But look how cute!! Oh my word- I can totally relate though. I was on a work trip once and my husband sent me a picture of Day with his hair all chopped off!! I about died right then and there! What is it about little kids hair that just seems so precious - it's so hard to part with it! :) He does look darn cute though! You captured it well!!

Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! The photos are amazing too.

I was stunned by your mention of a shop where "women aren't permitted." I haven't heard to such a place other than in history texts.

Lotus Blossom Design said...

he look so handsome!! xo

Hollie "Jet" Black-Ramsey said...

I love the sophisticated side-part do.

Ms George {Life at the Coop} said...

He looks amazing!

Miss Mae said...

Awww.. I adore his new look! :) My favorite picture is the very last one.. He looks big and tiny at the same time and I love it =)

Micha said...

I so know how hard it is to cut those beautiful locks. I have 3 boys so I've gone through this 3 times, but with your baby, it's so much harder. Your little guy looks like such a little man and I'm sure your husband enjoyed having his own 'first' with his son.

Kasey Lynne said...

So stinkin' cute!! And his outfit?? adorable!