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Tricks and Treats Please!

So I thought It would be fun to do a quick recap of a few of the costumes we've worn through the years. I wasn't able to track down any from our first year as Elvis and Prescilla or the one after when we went as hick farmers. I was however able to find this little gem pictured above. I repurposed a thrifted dress to go as bo-peep and Micah, well I have no idea what creepy guy Micah is portraying but I know for a fact he trick-or-treated in his robe that year and answered the door with a ridiculous english accent!

We've never gone all out or anything and always just tried to use things we had on hand to create costumes. So without further ado, some treats for all of you!
movie star + paparazzi 
 pregnant white trash
 princess + knight + dragon
 Minnie Mouse + Mickey 
never you mind the pregnant flapper
I was preggers, big and wasn't about to waste money on a costume that year or even attempt to dress up until I remembered Micah's office party and threw this together that morning
don't judge me.
 ballerina + bat
oh and a ship's captain?
I went as myself, obvi...
 Elsie will be Rapunzel this year and we are reusing her old dragon costume for Vernon!

 Hope your evening is fun and safe! I'm excited for the babes to score as many smartees and mini nerd packs as possible, and of course snack size twix!
What is your favorite Halloween Treat to steal collect with the kiddos or on your own? 


Nicole @WonkyW said...

I Love Halloween - Your past costumes are Awesome! I was pregnant white trash one year too (in costume, of course)! Following gfc - Have a Happy Halloween :)

Brooke said...

Cute! I love the movie star-You look like a natural!



shannon said...

Remember how we walked around the neighborhood carrying water in martini glasses and got yelled at by the neighbors for setting a bad example??

Stacie said...

I'm speechless. These are all so awesome!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Cute pictures!! Love looking at all the costumes! :) Happy Halloween! xo Holly

shannon said...

I just realized who M looks like in the top picture. A McPoyle!!

Emi said...

hah love the costumes, and darling little ones! i'm glad i found your blog and we are now following! XO

Kelsey Eaton said...

What fun Halloween costumes!!


Chelsea Lennox said...

you guys have the best couple/family costumes!!!! the baby in the dragon suit picture.. CUTEST EVER!!

vintage grey said...

Too cute!! Happy Halloween!! xo Heather

Lotus Blossom Design said...

So sweet! You are far from awkward...but you could say you were Olive Oil and Micah was Popeye!!!! LU

Kasey said...

found your blog from Living in Yellow :) and now I am a new follower of yours! your blog is adorable, and your Halloween pics are awesome :):) I'm excited to read more from you and I hope you'll come check out my blog and follow along as well