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Salvaged Vintage Trim Headband:DIY

So you may not know this but I am a collector of vintage trims, laces and fabrics. Most of the trims and lace used on my hoops are vintage and almost all of the materials I've inherited from my grandma.
One of the boxes I inherited was full of vintage threads and ric-rac. I stumbled across some pieces of vintage trims and ribbons and I soon discovered from my mom that my grandmother used most of these pieces on either clothing or bags she made for herself! My mom said she even used some of the trims to make her own unique belts back in her hay day (ya, she definitely got cooler in my book)

I thought about turning them into belts for Elsie but the scrap pieces were even too small for her wee lil' waist. So I put them away for a rainy day a few months back. Well, the other day (not rainy, but still) my bangs were driving me nuts and wanted a headband to fix the mess, so I went out to my fabric drawer to find ribbon when I re-discovered these pieces of trim.
I knew in that instant I would make them into headbands.

Now these were the simplest things to make and can probably be executed even easier than the way I repurposed these bad boys, but I was too lazy to pull out my sewing machine and knew I could conquer this while Elsie and Vernon ate their lunch!

What I used:

  • Vintage Trim
  • Scissors
  • Needle + Thread
  • Elastic Headbands (3 for $1 in Targets $ section)
Like I said you could just sew this with your machine and even use a hot glue gun but I just did these so fast at the kitchen table with the babes so it's what I'm sharing with you.
First Take your trim.
If frayed ugly edges like mine I suggest you fold it under and tack it down to have a cleaner finish.

Next I placed the trim on my head and measured how much of the elastic I would need. Then I cut the elastic to the appropriate length and tacked it to each side of trim. Then that was it!
See, easy peasy. Now it's ready for your pretty little head!

Please note: Because these are for personal use and not reselling purposes I didn't care how messed up my stitching looked nor did I bother cleaning up the back because it would be laying flat against my noggin and nobody would see it.
I'm excited to rock these lil' gems and I'm planning on making Elsie a few to wear as well. I'm still trying to figure out what to do with some of the pieces I have left... any suggestions other than headbands? Is there something you've already created from your salvaged trim? I would love to know!

Hope you're inspired to create something fun from materials you have on hand!
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Brooke said...

Cute and very Bohemian! Reminds me of Free People or Anthropology! Great job!



sara {twillypop} said...

VERY cute!

Emily said...

Love them! I have a huge crush on vintage trim. HUGE!
You could make a bookmark with the extra.

Nora said...

Oh i love it, ist a great idea.

- Nora

Lotus Blossom Design said...

very cute! xo

Blair @ Wild and Precious said...

stop being so cute & making me want all my hair back!

Nichelle @ Vintage Wanna Bee said...

Girl! I love this! Thanks for linking up to Talent Tuesday! I featured you today!