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scenes from our Labor Day weekend

Our weekend was a full one.
full of swimming (and night swimming)
full of family
full of friends
full of yummy food
full of beach
full of sun
full of fun
but mostly full of love.
Saturday our house was full of some of our favorite people.
We swam from noon until ten at night (now if that isn't a pool party I don't know what is)
babies swimming, kids swimming, mommas swimming, daddy's swimming... everyone swimming
is was one of those parties that lingered on into the night even if you weren't planning on it
which in our case we weren't and so last minute pizza delivery was in order for dinner!
And just when things started winding down and everyone had already changed back into their clothes we spontaneously decided to all put our suits back on for some late night swimming. Of course, us wifey's took the lead and all held hands and jumped right in! Yeah total dorks but we loved every minute of it.
Sunday was kind of a low key day and while Micah was serving at second service I called my folks out to come hang and swim. Which they did. Then Josh and Katie stopped by which is always a special treat.
To top off the day my parents let us know that my dad had Monday off so they could spend the night which meant we could have a date night! Which we full on took advantage of! We headed out to Laguna Beach to have a glass of wine and take in the ocean view, and then found our way walking up PCH to grab a bite to eat at a delicious little place called the Sapphire. I thought it so fitting since Sapphire is my birth stone and this weekend officially kicked off my 30th birthday month! It was such a great night and were both so grateful for my parents being here to do that for us.
Monday we woke and decided we wanted to go to the beach. We knew if we went early enough we could beat the holiday crazies and so we literally grabbed some beach stuff, stopped at Mickey D's for breaky to eat in the car as we headed down to Corona Del Mar to take in the tide pools and splash around a bit.
I was the genius who thought it would be too cold that early and thought we'd head back home after an hour or so I opted for shorts and a tank instead of a suit. BIGGEST MISTAKE EVA! It was like 80 degrees at 8:30 in the morning and we stayed until noon. Way to go me. Way to go.
It was still the best beach day ever. I know I say that every time we go to the beach but seriously this little gem of a beach was just perfect and was so relaxing. It was a just what we needed to help end that fabulously full weekend we had!
I really wish our weekend wasn't coming to an end but was so blessed by all of the events that took place my heart is so full, and I'm ready to start this week. So how was your Labor Day?


Velvet said...

Lovely photos and words. Wow, great people have September birthdays, lol. Bravo to the modest retro swimsuits!

vintage grey said...

Looks like a great weekend!! Sweet photos! Have a great day! xo Heather

Alissa Circle said...

You are beautiful inside and out friend! Love you and so glad we got to be apart of your awesome weekend. PS let's hang this week!

Kelli said...

such a beautiful family! xo