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Birthday Month

You know I never had a birthday month until the year 2005. That is the year we became next door neighbors to the Quiggles. You see we bought our first home from friends who owned two houses, they lived in one and ran their business out of the other and so when we found out they were moving into a bigger location and were selling both houses this is when our lives were forever changed. We Micah knew the other couple that would be buying the house right next door. Micah had once been on the same record label that Mr. Quiggle had been on and had toured with him, so they were already quite the chums. I met Davey at two other events prior to this new living arrangement. Once at a show and then another time at a wedding in 2004 where I had met his wife Shannon in passing. 
Fast forward a year later and the Lord opening some crazy doors which involved us buying a house next door to some people I hardly knew, and those people being the Quiggles moving across the country from Erie, PA to be our new neighbors. 
It as like a pre-arranged marriage. We knew of each other but really it was a time of getting to know one another and ultimately growing to love each other like a real family. 
This was no joke people. Our backyards had a path to a gate which opened up into each others yards. We saw it as one big mansion. We Ensors lived on the West wing while the Q's filled the East wing of the estate. 
We had no other choice but to become the best of friends. It only took a matter of months to realize what we all shared was much more than just a mere friendship but the making of the Quigsors. (yes we totally made ourselves a super family)
And because of our neighboring situation my life will be forever changed because of this girl. 
I love this girl. I love that we have our own inside jokes and that we can giggle at the silliest of things. I love that we share the same birthday month and that she gets just excited about the Fall season approaching as I do. I love that she humors me with wanting to throw tea parties in 110 degree heat and for watching endless hours of Top Model Marathons year after year. I love her heart for the Lord. I love how she is such an example of grace and yet has such strength in discipline. She loves her husband well and mothers in a way I have watched and learned from for years. I love the way she loves me and cherish her more than she'll ever know. She is a lovely example of the Proverbs 31 woman and I'm forever grateful she's part of my life.

Now back to this whole birthday month business. Like I said, Shan and I share the same birthday month. Hers in the beginning of September and mine being at the end. It only made sense that we just took the whole month and made it one big birthday celebration. This went on the whole five years of us being neighbors. I know our hubbys just smiled and nodded when Shan and I insisted that their be birthday breakfasts every Saturday and that two parties were a must. Every Single Year. Plus there was a lot of little trinket giving between Shan and I AND we left surprise gifts for each other to find through out the month. Gosh how I miss that...
We are coming up to almost two years since we've not been neighbors and yet we have still somehow managed to keep the celebrating rolling each time our birthday month rolls around. Though the hour distance between each others houses makes it a bit tricky we still make sure to see each other and celebrate the only way we know how. Lots of treats and lots of love. 
I visited her today to wish her a happy birthday and all it did was stir up emotions which had me longing for the days when I had someone right next door to celebrate with. 
Not just our birthdays but everything. New exciting things that came up in each others lives, I miss brewing a pot of coffee and sharing all the deets over pie, or bringing over a half empty tray of cookies that I didn't want to eat myself only to make her eat them with me. I miss that but know that September will forever be ours! Happy Birthday Shan, I couldn't imagine another girl to celebrate my birthday month with!


~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Aw how sweet! And fun to have been able to do that with her :) Happy Birthday to the both of you! :) :) xo Holly

Cara H said...

ALL of those cakes look SO YUM!!!