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It's Friday

annnd it's hot! It is supposed to be ridiculously hot this weekend as well. These pics basically sum up what we will be doing.All-Weekend-Long!
I woke up and the house read 79 degrees at 7:30 am so I clicked on the air and jumped in the car with the babes to cool off shoreside. We will be doing this again tomorrow and most likely after church on Sunday. Long days in the sun means long naps in the bed...for all of us. 
 Hope you all have a fabulously blessed weekend.


molly june. said...

wish i was beaching with you instead of melting in this craphooooole ;p it's SO HOT. and i'm SO whiney. but you knew that.

Cassie said...

Love your tank! Beachin' it with the kiddos sounds nice! We're either going to the Portland Timbers vs. Seattle Sounders soccer game tomorrow afternoon OR now I'm thinking kicking our feet in the river nearby, sounds GREAT, too!!