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not the norm

This weekend and even today were definitely not part of our normal routine, nor did it come close to our some what attempt at "planning" our days out. 
Friday night we had planned on going to Disneyland because our passes to the park are no longer expired. Both kids napped late Friday afternoon.
long naps.
Like the ones where you slept too long so your groggy and cranky type of naps. I've been there and understood why before I even pulled out of the driveway that the crying in the back seat would probably only get worse and that no amount of Disney magic could change that funk. So I made the executive decision to stay home and instead ended up cleaning both the kids rooms out while Micah played with them. 
That kind of set the tone for our weekend. No agenda except wanting to get the kids rooms "finished" 
We have had them painted with furniture in place but just haven't felt motivated to decorate or make it their own until this weekend.
So we didn't do our usual weekend of fun outings and opted for IKEA runs, target runs, a Lowe's visit and even stopped at the mall to ride the carousel and make some returns.
It wasn't our norm but we were together, but not the norm together where I'm making sure to snap pictures of everything we're doing whether with my phone, or the camera. We just were.
Being silly together.
Napping together.
Shopping together.
Nothing special but every bit as memorable.
(vernon tried getting undressed instead of napping, after rushing to his screams I laughed so hard when I discovered he had only gotten stuck in his shirt. way to go buddy, nice try.)
Then Sunday came and we all made it to church, in one car and not only on time but early. Micah serves on the children's worship team so he normally leaves before us and I still manage to get there late with the babes. Every. Single. Sunday. 
Not this Sunday. It was so out of the norm. There we were together and it was lovely.

That afternoon we were set on celebrating my dad's birthday at the house but decided last minute that we wanted to attend the Harvest America Crusade. My parents, brother and his girlfriend Katie all came with, where we witnessed thousands of people go forward and except Christ into their lives. It was truly awesome, and no amount of sun beating down on us could take away that feeling of joy when watching people make the best decision of their lives. 
Now here I am today. Monday. Late Monday.
A day where I normally buy groceries. Make my lists for the week. Plan out my days and have the night just to myself. (Monday nights are my "work" nights to embroider, blog, or just whatever... normally)
Instead I made last minute plans this morn with my girlfriend Melissa and her daughter to run a quick errand which ended up turning into a day at the mall, riding carousels with the kiddos, eating See's chocolate and consuming way too much caffeine in a four hour period. It was glorious, and even when I got home knowing no groceries had been purchased and laundry needed to be folded I just plopped on the couch with Elsie and watched a show. Then I played puzzles with her instead of having her rest so I could answer emails and what not.
I was still out of my normal mode and even realized after bedtime that I hadn't sat down to blog or read up on any blogs since Friday. 
It's funny how when you aren't in your normal swing of things how quickly your priorities can shift and your ability to get motivated is much harder. Why is that?

Anyway, this post is totally random, and doesn't even make up for a "scenes from the weekend" type post because I hardly took any photos but I'm hoping to get back to my normal day to day tomorrow.
Kind of.
Not really.

Whose down to join me at the beach instead?


Samantha Schroeder said...

We would absolutely love to join you and your beautiful family at the beach tomorrow but we are going to Disneyland . . . if you decide to change your minds . .. you love to see you guys! Beautiful post, Nat, as always! xo Sam

Clara {Clover and Violet} said...

I think you chose well!!

jennifer said...

Put me down for the beach. It might take us awhile to get there. Love the picture of E holding her friends hand. Precious! Also our son's must have learned how to take their shirts off from their dads. They do it exactly the same :)

The Sherman Four said...

Okay so this is my favorite post that you have done. I love when weekends turn out the way your did. I think it is needed every once and awhile... almost a type of recharging! Wee bit the bullet and got Disney passes on Friday and had the same crying babies who took too long of naps... but since it was their first time in over a year they ended up having fun. Summer reminded me that you have passes and a bunch of other elevate conference friends do too.... I think we all need to meet up! It would also be fun if we did a girls night at Disneyland!!!! Have fun today at the beach or wherever you end up!! Hehe

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

I love your dress!! So cute! The kids looked like they had a blast on the mary-go-round! :)

Lotus Blossom Design said...

Just just lovely Nat! Beautiful pics of great family time. Love you guys! What beach? Text a girl...

vintage grey said...

Looks like fun!! Love the last photo of Vernon!! Too cute! xo Heather

kendra @ little almanac said...

Your family is darling! So happy I came across your blog. I know what you mean about doing absolutely nothing yet it still being memorable. We had one of those weekends too :)

Jessica Kiger said...

You are so pretty and I love that dress! I live close to Disneyland too, but I'm trying to hold off on passes until my 14month can appreciate it a bit more. Sounds like you had a great weekend, nonetheless!

No(dot dot)el said...

I think those days with no agenda are the best. I did some redecorating in my boys room this past week and it felt so good. No pics, no nothing just a good time creating with my kids. Nothing quite like a fresh coat of paint, and some bonding over creativity ;)
I'm up for a beach day any day ;) Super cute dress you are spotted in up there at the top btw.

LarasVintage said...

OMG I love your dress!!! I featured one of your hoops on my blog ;)
xo sandra