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Flapper Doll Giveaway from Aubrey Plays

I'm all kinds of excited about this giveaway today. It makes me happy to think that one of you will receive such a precious keepsake like I did for Elsie. 

Before I go on about the giveaway I need to give you some back story first. My dear friend Aubrey tweeted me a couple weeks ago about helping her out with a new prototype of these Flapper Dolls she was creating for her shop. I use the word "helping" lightly because really all it involved was me sending her an old outgrown dress so she could convert it into something magical. I was like "uuuuh, yes please, sign me up and how many can I send you?" I kid, I kid, but seriously I did contemplate asking. 
Then last week, this package showed up, and both Elsie and I were squealing!
Isn't she darling?! Now this was a big deal that Elsie was excited because she doesn't care for dolls, she only likes her Minnie Mouse plush characters. But when I opened this sweet package and showed her, she looked at the material it was made out of and called her "Elsie Blanket Doll." The doll was made of the same material that made up her nursery and is in the blanket she still carries everywhere with her, so to say she loved her new doll would be an understatement.
Now that I have you all swooning over this little gem I bet you want to know more about the creator huh? She has mad craftsmanship skillz yo' and will keep you on your toes with new and unique product she is constantly dreaming up and adding to her playful shop. Meet Aubrey.
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THIS is where aubreyplays. Genuine dork. Mama to three. original. one of a kind. cheeky things that wink at you and make your heart smile.

Seriously her shop is filled with all sorts of lovely that make my heart smile. And today she is giving one lucky reader a Custom Flapper Doll.
I'll let Aubrey explain the concept of these dolls and how truly special of a treat this is!

These baby dolls are completely charming and precious. 
They have a look that reminds me of an era when flappers were the thing and retro swim suits were alive!
This one of a kind doll is made from a precious item that you send me.
As I have watched my own babes grow I have have always felt a little sad that their outgrown items sit alone in a closet and remain unseen, but I never had the heart to get rid of them! 
(I know, one sappy momma raises her hand right here)
That is where the idea for these flapper babies came from. 
You send me an item that holds precious memories and I turn it into a baby for you and hopefully your little one to play with!
Each baby features: 
-a hand embroidered face, complete with pouty lips, sleepy eyes and soft pink cheeks. 
-wool felt hair in a color of your choice with a bun in the back. 
-a pretty matching headband with a crochet flower attached. 
-"lace" tights 
-if fabric allows, you will also receive a matching skirt.
Are you freaking out about this giveaway as much as I am?? Okay good now go and get your entry on! Oh but one more thing (like there really needs to be one more thing right?) Miss Aubrey is offering all of you FREE SHIPPING with any purchase from her shop. 
Use discount code 
I can't stop thinking about all the wonderful gifts this little doll would make for let's say a 1st Birthday gift, Christmas, baby shower (using old garment from the mom-to-be) oh so many options to dream up!
Make sure to check out her Etsy Shop here and her Storenvy here to stock up on your holiday shopping now. 
Good Luck!
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Kimberly Erskine said...

The dolls are so cute, but the Aubrey's store is just filled with fun! In looking at her blog, I loved the sewing machine necklace and was disappointed when I already saw that it was sold out. I love the whole vibe of the shop, though and I definitely would like to look at more of her products in the future :)

Rebecca said...

I love everything Aubrey but right now my favorites (aside from these dolls) are her original fabrics and her e-reader covers. :)

The Smore's said...

omgosh cutest doll i've ever seen!!!! your daughter's face is priceless. so sweet.

Autumn said...

I was just telling my mom about these adorable dolls yesterday! I love the doll the most, but I am also dying for the sewing girl pouch!

april@gingerbread said...

I love the felt fox!!! SWOON!!!!

Chelsea said...

Wow! Such a fun giveaway :) The flapper dolls are definitely my favorite! So adorable!

Mindy M. Harris said...

i like the retro camper purse. too cute! thanks for the giveaway!

Ashley said...

My favorite is for SURE these flapper dolls - you're right, great for SO MANY different occasions...but I also love the phone clutch!

Chantelle said...

I think the flapper doll really is my favorite, but I also like the SHINE and be the CHANGE purse.

Tiffany Pate said...

OMG! I love everything, I want the typewriter necklace, the chevron canvas, the doll of course (no I dont have a girl, hush).

Unknown said...

I'm SO excited about the giveaway!!!!

DawnaHartman said...

Those dolls are PRECIOUS!!!! Jos isn't into dolls really - not yet anyway, but I love these. My heart sunk a bit seeing the before shot of the dress, and then the after of the doll all done. My heart. Goodness. Adorable.

MissyStitches said...

I love the Flapper Doll!

kaylee@life chasers said...

This is so wild, I JUST recommended these to a friend! My favorite is the flapper doll for sure!

The Smore's said...

love love love the flapper doll the most! and love so much that it is made out of an old outfit. it makes it so much more special!

The Smore's said...

love love love the flapper doll the most! and love so much that it is made out of an old outfit. it makes it so much more special!

~Damita's Pretty Wrap~ said...

Fun giveaway! :) Hope you have fantastic evening! xo Holly

sleepy headed mom said...

I love the flapper doll and the Hope doll. The tooth fairy pillows with the little fairies are so adorable to and a great idea.

Sleepyheadedmom at gmail dot com

RedRoseVintage said...

This is so cute! Fingers crossed!

TexasNeals said...

so, so cute!!!!! i love that the doll has that extra special personal touch that makes her that much more special to the recipient! super fun give away! :)

reeve said...

I know a sweet little lady who would LOVE this little dolly;)

AbsoluteMommy said...

I'm dying over the typewriter phone clutch! OMG love it!

Also the typewriter pillow!!

Torrie said...

Um that foldover arrow clutch is pretty much perfect!! Thanks for the generous giveaway! =)

Nicole savage said...

The flapper doll for sure!!

the owl said...

love the flapper doll.. the hope baby doll.. the typewriter clutch'!?!?! LOVE

Mallory Rubino said...

I adore the custom flapper dolls because I think my girls will love them too.

TessBenson said...

I love it all, ESPECIALLY the flapper dolls!!