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our independence day

I love the fourth of July. How it encompasses all my fave aspects of summer into one day. BBQ's, sweet tea, swimming, ice cream, popsicles, hanging with friends and family, fireworks, the hot sun, the smell of sunblock and peach pie OH MY! (Seriously Shan made the best peach pie I have ever tasted!)
This year was probably our most low key 4th's ever. Though there was no big party and just had the company of our Q's it was still filled with lots of love, laughter and yummy food.
It's a funny thing to think that while celebrating this All Amercian holiday you take for granted why we're even grilling hamburgers and watching fireworks in the first place. How this is the day our great country gained it's independence, our freedom. 
After the day had ended and I watched the fireworks brighten the sky from our front window I reveled in that moment and how I felt proud to be an American. How freely we can live, and how so many went forth in making that sacrifice for us to do so. All I could think was, God Bless America.


vintage grey said...

So glad your 4th was wonderful!! How sweet is your hair!! Love it!! And, yes, God Bless America!! ;) xo Heather

Lauren @ Pink on the Cheek said...

Oh my goodness. I am your biggest fan, you are like a living doll!!!! I wish I could dress just 1/2 as cool as you!!!

molly june. said...

how fun! you gals make me smile. and your hair is SO COOL!