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the unexpected

Yesterday I stopped by my friend Sam's house who was so generous in donating bags of denim for the Sole Hope event this Saturday. While visiting and rummaging through fabrics in her garage Vernon tumbled and fell, smacking the back of his head on the concrete.
He cried but settled down quickly and after I gave him his paci seemed back to normal. He was ready for his nap and we ready to leave so we said our good-byes and headed home. 

Fast forward a few hours later after his nap and me hearing him make weird moaning sounds through his monitor. I opened his door only to be smacked with the smell of vomit. I ran to pick him up and saw that it was all over his sheets and he just sat there with his head against his crib. Not his normal jumping and laughing after his nap. I picked him up and my heart instantly sank. I could tell something was off. After I changed him and cleaned him up he vomited all over me. Micah was already on his way home from work so I held him as I was on hold with the pediatrician's office trying to get a professional opinion if this was all related to his head injury or something else and was starting to freak out a bit seeing how I had already left many messages since it was after hours. 
Thank God Micah came home right when I was starting to lose it, but within minutes of him walking through the door Vernon was vomiting again. Like projectile. And he wouldn't stop. 
Micah seemed unsettled and told me to call the pediatrician again while he went to rinse Vernon off in the bath.
Of course when you are tense and are starting to panic your phone dies. So you run around the house frantically looking for the charger only to figure out it was still in the unpacked luggage from my recent trip. And yes the nurse practitioner called and left a message while my phone was dead with no information only instructions to call her back. 
By this point I'm completely freaking out as I'm pressing every button to get me through to a live person. I spoke with the nurse, told her the deets of the days events and she then asked how big was the size of the bump on his head. I was relieved. There is no bump I told her. Then there was silence. She asked if I was sure that there was no bump or any signs that he had hit his head and I assured her I had thoroughly examined his little noggin. These were her exact words.
"Miss Ensor you need to take him to the ER immediately. We like to see bumps from head injuries and so this could be quite serious and it is concerning how much he is vomiting."
I thanked her, ran down the hallway and told Micah to get him out of the bath and take him to the hospital pronto. 
I called my mom next and asked her to come be with Elsie and said that she would see me in an hour and that she was on her way. I hugged Vernon so tight before Micah took him through the front door and put him in the car. I was instantly hysterical. 
Elsie was still in the bath and I asked her to get out and dry off so we could pray for her brother. I told her that Grandma was coming to play with her and that I was going to meet daddy at the hospital. I tried but failed miserably at not crying in front of her. I couldn't help it, I was honestly scared. I felt in my gut and my heart that something was terribly wrong.
After explaining to her that Vernon got hurt and is very sick and that she needed to be a big girl while we were gone she said "Mama, it's okay, you can kiss his owie and he will be all better" I started crying harder. And she wrapped her arms around me and cried too. She was so sweet and didn't understand what was going on but she cried and prayed for her baby brother.

I sent out numerous text messages for prayer and received so many texts and phone calls from so many wonderful hearts wanting to pray with me. I couldn't be more grateful to those of you who called. I don't think I could've endured that hour of waiting for my parents to arrive without your sweet voices lifting up our situation in prayer. 

Hours later at the hospital... We waited. Cried. Prayed and waited. He seemed slower. Off somehow. And after what seemed like days we were finally seen by the doctor. She said that he had a slight concussion and issued a CT to be done. She did assure us that his exam went well and that she just wanted to rule out any head trauma or swelling. 
They said only one of us could go in the room and I elected Micah because I was a blubbering mess and didn't want to scare my lil man even more. 
Good ol' daddy took some shots and these pictures make me cry every time I look at them. Because I know now that he is safe and that the CT came back clear. Because I know that the instant they said it was clear our baby boy seemed like the Vernon we know. He was laughing and smiling and wanting to eat. I cried because I knew something was terribly off before that CT and was expecting the worst but know that the power of prayer and the grace of God healed our lil man. 
The doctor said that all the vomiting could just be the start of the flu and was unfortunately coincidentally after the fall. Micah said that this was just one of many hiccups we will have this week as we are trying to prepare for the Sole Hope event. He reminded me to be ready and to prepare my heart for the attacks, and he was so right.
And though today was so much better than yesterday, I felt like I was in a fog. I couldn't kiss Vernon enough and I couldn't be more thankful for my mom staying to help as I tried to get back into a routine. I kept trying to make a list of things to do for the this upcoming week of events but couldn't think of one thing that needed to be done. 
I had intended on posting about Sole Hope yesterday and then dedicate a post about all the amazing donations today but the unexpected happened and now I'm posting about our horrible scare. 
I'm not even sure how to wrap this up other than, thank you for those of you who were praying and thank you for those of you who called. Thank you so much mom and dad for being here for us. But most of all Thank You God for keeping our Vernon safe and for continuing to heal his little body. 
I realize that in the three plus years of being a mama I have never been this terrified. I also know that with having a little boy there will probably be many more visits to the ER. I pray that isn't the case.


Christen said...

Oh my goodness! I'm so glad everything is okay.

april@gingerbread said...

oh my goodness your poor little guy! I hope all is well and I will see you this weekend! Big hugs! xoxo

Nicole said...

Oh Nat! How scary. I'm so sorry that you had to experience that. God is so good. WIll continue to pray that the flu is a quick one!

Delightful Deets said...

So glad he is ok! That is so scary! I so wish I could be there this weekend! xo

Natalie said...

Oh how scary! I'm so glad everything turned out okay! That happened to my youngest when she was a baby, too. She wouldn't wake up after the fall and when she finally opened her eyes one eye was looking one way and the other eye was looking the other was terrifying! Thankfully everything turned out okay in the end, but I know that feeling of sheer panic and terror that you felt. God is good!!! said...

Poor little Vernon. And poor you! Thank goodness it all worked out and you can start to calm down. What do people do who dont kow the comfort the Lord can give in these situations? I thank Him everyday for my little love and I will say an extra prayer right now for yours!

Samantha Jo said...

So glad he's OK! Good luck with the big event :)

{annie_loo} said...

Goodness! I'm so glad he's ok! Bless you! There's nothing worse than your child being hurt! I'm glad he's ok!!!!!!

laura said...

so glad to know that everything is ok! praying for continued peace and a slower paced rest of the week!

The Ward Family said...

Thats so scary! So glad it was clear and everything was fine. Good luck this weekend. We will be camping this weekend and wish I could come! Praying the rest of your week goes smoothly!

lauren@warmandfuzzy said...

So glad to know that the little guy is ok. A similar situation happened to us and our Eli started vomiting after having a head bump and I know that gut wretching feeling of helplessness - its NO FUN! Again so glad Vernon is Ok!

vintage grey said...

Nat, I am so sorry to hear about this. What a blessing Vernon is okay, and doing better. The Lord is good!! Will be keeping him in my prayers, and the family! Take care my dear! xo Heather

Lindsay said...

Oh that is so scary. I am happy he is alright. Last summer Oliver fell off a picnic table and hit his head on the concrete floor - my heart dropped. He ended up being alright and was playing minutes later. I slept in his room during his nap and when he went to bed for the night - head injuries scare me. Your little one had angels around him!! Hugs Momma.

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Oh I got chills reading this. It's incredible how life stops when there's a scare involving our sweet little ones. So so thankful everything is ok and that you thought of PRAYER first and foremost!!! What a testament to your faith. xoxo ~Bri~

Rachel Reeves said...

Oh my goodness.
I am so glad that your little one is ok. God is so good and merciful, isn't He?


Jennifer said...

praise Jesus!

the hollie rogue said...

Praise the Lord, he is ok. I had a really similar scare with Hollis when she fell out of her high chair--sluggish, vomiting, ct scan--the whole bit. Not fun and very scary! So glad he's ok.


Kasey Lynne said...

Oh man.
PTL that little Vernon is okay and doing better.

The power of prayer is so incredible!