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today we had no agenda
well no wait we had some sort of agenda. I knew I needed to get both babes in to see the pediatrician, for two completely random things and knew I needed to schedule an appointment but they couldn't squeeze us in until after 4:00, so that meant we still had today to be together, and do absolutely nothing.

We read books, Vernon napped. I caught up on so many emails that were just taunting me in my inbox. We I ate ice cream for breakfast and then some more after lunch.
We were just sitting around coloring when I figured we should run out to Trader Joe's to get snacks for our special day tomorrow and we took our time, and ate their samples, and opened a bag of pretzels before we purchased them and ate them.
We read more books, straightened the house but mostly just lounged around. It was so awesome that neither of the littles were rambunctious today. They both just played quietly and cuddled a lot with me. It's like we all needed a day of down time and lots of togetherness.
Speaking of togetherness, Micah surprised me and told me he was taking the day off tomorrow so we could all go to Disneyland before our passes our blocked out for the summer! I also never said anything about it but he bought me a gift card to the day spa at the California Adventure hotel. He told me to  make an appointment for tomorrow while we are there.  So not only will we be spending wonderful quality time together as a family in the morning but he is going to take the babes home around nap time and I'm going to stay behind at the hotel to get my spa on. Then he will meet up after I'm done and we will be together again at Disneyland! I'm so excited and love having time in the middle of the week with just all of us. I seriously can't wait.
Do you have days like this? No agenda, and you find yourself having time to make a list of all the things you need to do, but know that list can wait because you are soaking up doing absolutely nothing special. Except eating ice cream out of a mason jar. that is special. so wonderful. You should try it. God knows when we need rest and when we need to quiet our minds. Today was that day and I was so grateful for it.
oh and by the way after taking the babes in to get checked out, I found out the wicked cough Elsie had which was the main reason for the appointment and had me quite concerned turned out to be nothing but a bad cough, no virus, nothing to worry about. but Vernon's rash, the rash I thought was a heat rash, or an irritant from changing detergents turned out to be Hand, Foot and Mouth virus. SAY WHAAAA!!?? Are you kidding me!?
Well that explains his restlessness, screaming at everything, wanting to be held 24-7 these past few days. After examining his throat she confirmed that his gums were also extremely swollen from not ONE, not TWO, THREE, FOUR or even FIVE but SIX, that's right SIX teeth/molars coming in. Poor lil' man, no wonder he's not eating. This boy has been suffering and I didn't even know how bad.

So we will be loading him up on ibuprofen tomorrow so we can all enjoy our time together. As a happy little family. At the happiest place on earth! I know that sounds horrible but seriously people, he has been fine, hence why I had no clue he was even sick. If he was seriously miserable we wouldn't be taking him and if he isn't feeling it tomorrow, we only live ten minutes from the park.


Cori said...

Wow, sounds like an exciting day at Disneyland and the spa! Love the pictures, wish I had your dog. Beagles are my favorite :3

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Your hubby is so sweet! And I love that picture of Vernon with your pup :) How is your little man doing, by the way??

the hollie rogue said...

totally off subject, but i LOVE that couch! hope vernon gets feeling better :)

No(dot dot)el said...

I absolutely treasure days like this. I could have countless days of nothing, but then I'm sure I would want something at some point. Poor lil guy, I hope he's feeling better.