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I know I have talked about it a lot but I can't get over all the donations that were donated towards the Sole Hope event we just hosted this past Saturday. The hearts of these blogs/shops and willingness to give, blessed both Micah and me so much!
These donations were no joke either. I wanted to enter to win every. single. one!

Well if you read my post about the event you know that the number of raffle items out weighed the number of guest and so we have lots of goodies left over!
And not only did we have items left over but a few other sweet souls offered to donate after the fact and their items will be added to the list of prizes we will be raffling off tomorrow on the blog.
That's right we decided to have one last hurrah for the event before I package up all the cut shoes and donation money.
We were already blown away by the amount raised on Saturday and know that every dollar helps out so much for this amazing organization that we thought we'd try and raise some more. Check back tomorrow for all the details of how to enter and also what fab goodies you could score.
Today I wanted to share with you all of the hearts who donated goods for the raffle and who helped make our event so very special. Please be sure to stop by their blogs and shops and send them some love, they totally deserve it!
The Hollie's Rogue blog and shop are a treasure and you must check them out! This girl is seriously awesome and her heart is beautiful!
Aubrey Plays has some of the most unique items in her shop and is one of my fave gals!
Lindsay from P&P has some of the most amazing prints and had me happy dancing all over when she said she was donating towards the event! 
These Infant booties were to die for. You will love her shop but most of all her heart!
I absolutely love these gals and their little wooden creations! They are so awesome!
Nicole behind OB is so talented and is always whipping up the cutest creations. Love her!
The gals behind Fawn & Flora just plain rock and donated a goodie basket from their shop!
Miss G&G is as sweet as she is fabulous. You will love her and her shop!
Vessel Handmade is quickly becoming one of my fave crafters and friend. She's gots skillz yo!
 I could go on & on about Miss Stephanie from S&S. She not only donated this garland but fabric for the shoes. I love this girl. She always blesses my heart!
Miss Ashley is always shining bright as she inspires and encourages us all to be the change! If you don't already know her, you need to.
Alissa was the one who initially got me started on this Sole Hope journey and who helped raise the funds for the shoe cutting party. She not only donated her time and fabric but baked the most delicious cupcakes for the event! You must check out her neon clutches in her shop and hop on over to her fab blog where she is always sharing her heart!
Autumn has such a giving heart and a delightful crafty blog you must check out!
Facedown Records is an amazing label who generously donated some of their top band's records!
Can we say best customer service ever?! And with hearts of gold, donating decor to make the day extra special! Officially my go to party supply store from here on out!
Sarah is a gem and can't say enough good things about her and her heart! 

This girl is everything rustic and every bit as chic! She is lovely and so is her shop!

Jessi is beautiful inside and out! She has awesome prints in her shop and a blog that is inspirational and uplifting! 
Soleil Selene graciously donated a beautiful rosette necklace and matching headband!

Skye is such a blessing! Her sense of humor always has me laughing out loud and her heart always leaves me wanting to hug her!
Cassie is one of the sweetest girls I've ever met! Her heart radiates through all she does!
Whippy Cake is just plain fabulous. Her blog and shop are insanely beautiful but don't even come close to that amazing heart of hers. You. Will. Love. Her!
Summer is absolutely beautiful inside and out and her shop has tons of beauties as well!

The beautiful Kimmie never ceases to amaze me by her generosity. If you haven't already you need to go and check her out. No need to thank me. 

Some of the most vibrant pillowcases I've seen around! They have something for every style. 
Kelsey from Poofy Cheeks not only has an adorable shop but a fun blog with DIY's, recipes & more!
A shop filled with hand-stamped custom jewelry!
Bunting and banners and clutches oh my! Cute shop and blog.
Beautiful pendants and jewelry at Bip & Bop's shop!
If you are local you need to stop by the Main Place Nordstrom and Jesse will assist you with any cosmetic or fragrance purchase. He is amazing and graciously donated so much product for the raffle!
Samantha from the Mindful Octopus donated bags of denim for the shoes! She also donated all of the heirloom quilts which brightened up the scenery and made the event look festive!
Antonio's Tacos has been our number one event caterer for years. We refer them to any one having a party and would recommend their food and service to anyone we know. They were so amazing and donated all of the food they provided at no cost! If you are in the SoCal area and are trying to decide your food options for your next event look no further and please call them @
(909) 967-5237

Do you see why the donations needed their own post!!? Amazing right? Now do you understand why I cried after receiving package after package. I couldn't handle all this goodness coming from such generous hearts! How can you not be blessed by seeing all the wonderful donations from lovely shops who gave toward the event. So please show them some love and stop by and say hi!
And remember tomorrow we will be raffling off LOTS of goodies from these shops!


Kacia said...

it was an HONOR to donate!! just wish I could have attended!!


Munchie's Mama said...

It was such a blessing to be part of this inspired event! Love you girls!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Dang, you got some good stuff!! And this is super random, but I've been on the hunt for the Lolita perfume you were wearing when I saw you and can't find it anywhere. So sad!

vintage grey said...

Such wonderful donations! Can't wait until your next one so I can join in!! Have a great day! xo Heather