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Pinterest Par-tay!

ok so I'm not gonna lie. I have a love/hate relationship with good ol' pinterest
I rarely go on there and if I do it's only for a few minutes to find exactly what I'm looking for 
(I literally time myself and only allow 15 min and if I exceed that I go looking elsehere otherwise three in the morning rolls around and I'm like, "what happened, where am I?")

I keep hearing from everyone I need to be on there more and it's a great marketing tool, and I totes get that and I agree with everything everyone is telling me
it's just that I literally get lost in that land of fabulousness 
so I haven't been on there in months
(I know, I know please don't judge me)

well, my pinning dry spell ended a couple weeks ago when I was invited to my very first Pinterest party from my girl Kristen

The purpose of a Pinterest party is to actually make the things you are pinning.
genius right?!
so the host picks four things 
you pay a set fee and the idea is to have all the DIY's completed while munching on yummy treats and having a happy crafting girl's night

Stoked much?
I was, until I asked what I could to bring to eat and she said anything from one of your Pinterest boards

say what?
I have never pinned food, like i did once upon a time during the holidays 

so I shamelessly went on Pinterest just to start pinning foods that I could whip up, I was searching and searching for easy quick summer treats when it HIT me
I have tons of things I would love to make
and besides my schedule is so swamped I don't want to risk wasting time making something new for it to be a flop
plus MY this girl I once worked with recipe for Oreo Truffles are da bomb and are ridiculously easy to make

lightbulb just lit up
I will make the truffles, take pics, blog recipe and the PIN IT!

yup, I know I kind of cheated but come on really this was so much easier and besides I have received quite a few texts and emails requesting this recipe so look out recipe to follow

I realize now that I should've just kept all of this to myself but too late, I already found these images and wrote out this entire post so
also you can follow my pathetic pinning here

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lauren@warmandfuzzy said...

Hilarious! I have a friend who "boycotts" pinterest as she says. She refuses to use Pinterest bc she says I am crafty enough for the both of us. I also want to have a craft night..she says she will attend but only if I have explicit directions and pictures printed bc she will NOT sign up LOL

so funny! great post!