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Scenes from the weekend

 This was such a good heart warming weekend.
Friday kicked it all off by hanging with two of my best girls Kate and Melissa
Miss also happens to be my stylist so we just had a mini beauty parlor sesh in the backyard while the kids played in the water and we all snacked and laughed for hours on end. 
Nothin like getting' your hair did to start the weekend off right

Saturday was a play it by ear type of day
which is starting to turn into my favorite kind of day
no agenda
no plans
and in return leaves room for spontaneous family walks around the neighborhood 
looking for garage sales no less
by noon my folks had arrived and with a new toy in tow. 
Vernon just couldn't get enough of this bad boy
 we spent hours lounging about just catching up while playing with the babes
eating too much licorice and soaking up the sun
annnnd setting up my dad's new phone with all the latest apps including instagram
(sorry lil' bro, but he's now part of your world)
then at the last minute as they were walking out the door to leave we decided to go out for a Mother's Day din, which was scrumptious and ended our day perfectly
(my mama and me)
 church, just me and my girl because
Vernon was ready for bed and wasn't having it so Daddy stayed behind as we girls headed out and 
after an amazing message (saving that for another post) we raced home, threw on our beach wear and headed to the sand
 perfect end to a fabulous Mother's Day weekend!


Elisha(: said...

you look GORGEOUS!! in anything!! rockin' it from the dress to the swimsuit!!! :P (:

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

Sounds like THE perfect weekend!!

molly june. said...

shall we talk about that last picture? :) wowza. that's a sweet moment. and girrrrl, you hawt.