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Rustic Living

 Hey y'all, okay that totally just blurted out of me as I was typing and only because of who I'm sharing with all of you today. One of my newest blog buddies Ashley from Rustic Living is such a country girl that it is kind of infectious. She is one of the sweetest girls I've run across on this blogging journey and I'm thrilled to share her, her blog and her fabulous shop with you today! 
I had her answer a few questions so you could all get a peek at who this beautiful gal is, rather than me just ramble on about this beauty.

Meet Ashley!
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In a few sentences tell us about you, your blog and your shop
Hello! My name is Ashley from Rustic Living. I'm a country girl from Idaho that loves to share furniture transformations, DIY projects, handmade pillows, and a passion for the country lifestyle. My favorite style is "rustic chic", which you will see in most of my projects. If I'm not busy turning an old, boring piece of furniture into a lovely piece of treasure then I'm probably creating rustic chic pillows! I love how much character they can add to a bedroom, living room, or even an entryway bench. I began to think how fun it would be to create customizable pillows for others celebrating a very special day in their life . . . their wedding day. I opened up an Etsy shop for this purpose and have really enjoyed creating pillows with a personal touch for the happy couple to be. I also sell decorative pillows, usually with a touch of burlap, that add a rustic chic feel to any room.
I absolutely love your pillows-what got you started on creating such beauties?
My husbands family has this fun tradition for Christmas where every gift that is given has to be free or handmade! I had been wanting to learn how to make pillows for awhile and thought it would be fun to put peoples' favorite bible verse on a pillow as a gift. I fell in love with the process and wanted to see what other styles I could come up with.
How do you come up with new designs? What inspires you?
I always stick with fabrics, patterns, and textures that remind me of the country. Burlap and patterns like paisley and calico are my favorites to work with. I find most of my inspiration in nature! With the arrival of spring I was using lots of yellows and greens and now with summer approaching I like to use shades of blue that remind of the river. I got my passion for crafting from my mom and grandma, so just thinking about them and the gift they passed down to me is always inspiring!

Please share a fun fact or wired quirk about yourself that maybe your readers don't know about you yet?
Some people that follow my blog have probably seen that I have a twin sister. I just love her to pieces! What most people don't know though is that I also have twin brothers! That's right! My twin sister and I are the youngest of six. I have an older brother, older sister, and twin brothers. It's hilarious because both sets of twins have a red-head and a blonde! My oldest brother and his wife have a set of identical twin boys as well. We are one BIG and CRAZY family with more than double the trouble ; )
Just for fun, because summer is approaching and I can't stop thinking about popsicles, fresh strawberries and fresh squeezed lemonade I would love to know a fave summer treat of yours?
This is tough! Summer is definitely my most favorite time of year and that's mostly because of all the delicious treats! Sweet iced tea is a classic and perfect on those dog days of summer. I was raised on a farm where we grew sweet corn, so nothing says summer to me like sweet corn-on-the-cob with a bit of butter and salt and pepper!

Don't you want to pull up a rocking chair next to her with her on the porch, bask in the country air while sipping on some sweet tea! Well if you aren't smitten with her enough already from her interview you most certainly will be now because she is offering my readers
25% off in her Shop
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(eeek I'm so excited, trying to figure out what I will buy first!)
Her pillows are the perfect wedding, anniversary or just because gift!
So make sure to show her some love in return and stop by her blog to say hi!


skye @ neathering our fest said...

love love LOVE her pillows! such a sweet gal!

lori said...

i love everything about these pillows. burlap and lace are quite possibly two of my favorite things. and i think its so cute how your husbands family does free or handmade gifts!