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scenes from the weekend

Vernon was ready for our overnight stay
 Elsie loved playing with Bea the entire time we visited
 flea market treasure hunting 
the boys
the weekend
don't you just love them
we abandoned OC and headed to Murrieta to stay the night with our dearest dears
they dealt with us loved on us 
pack n' play, toys everywhere, teething feverish baby, fussy no getting naps while we there little girl 
ya they loved us
always a joy to be in their presence
I don't even have to participate in the witty banter while together, I can just bask in the warmth of their friendship

loved being back home and sitting in church together
even if it was in the over flow because we were thirty minutes late due to a lil' man sleeping in from waking through the night 
plus one major melt down from a lil' lady who thought wearing pajamas to church was acceptable
but we made it there
and sitting there with my Micah soaking up God's goodness after a long week was good
real good

flea markets, farmers markets, lounging in our family swing

starting on our garden and eating lots of strawberries
we. are. so. blessed
pretty much sums up our weekend


Kasey March said...

Sounds like your family had a lovely weekend. Do Elsie and Vernon like going to flea markets with you? I remember thinking the were magical as a kid.

Alissa Circle said...

Beautiful pictures friend!! I love, love, love the one of you and Elsie eating strawberries, your smiles are beautiful. I'm so glad you had a wonderful weekend. Missed you and can't wait to catch up!

Sarah said...

You guys are SO adorable. Weekends with friends is the best. Glad you had a nice time =)

- Sarah

Christen said...

Sounds like an amazing weekend!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

What a perfect weekend!