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Nine years ago today we set out on the greatest adventure of our lives. 
you are my one and only
I can't seem to write out what you mean to me 
or how you've made me a better me these past nine years
our love
our family
our story
it's all too lovely for words

It makes up who I am. 

my heart is full and skips a beat knowing we are still journeying together
 I can't thank God enough for giving such a precious soul to me
you bless the heck out of me babe
I love you.


Alissa Circle said...

Happy 9 years!!! Blessings to you both. Love you!

Aubrey said...

Happy anniversary!

ash said...

happy anniversary! &heart;

Morgan Williams said...

Happy Anniversary!!! Y'all are adorable <3

Heather G. said...

So sweet! Happy anniversary!!

Christen said...

That's so totally lovely!