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part of my tribe

I have mentioned on several occasions how blessed I am by the friendships and bonds that have been formed through this blog. Particularly a group of gals that I have joined forces with so to speak. A few months back I was contacted by Skye and Kasey about joining a group of bloggers that have the same interests and are mostly small shop owners such as myself. I hadn't met Kasey but had already been in contact with Skye because she won a piece from my collection. I had fallen in love with her heart instantly through our email exchanges. Though I was hesitant to join the group due to time restraints and didn't know if I could actually commit, I'm so glad I did. 

There are eight of us bloggers who meet up in a live video chatroom where we discuss the agendas we had been given before the meeting and maybe a small assignment or task. We talk about our inspirations and struggles and we motivate and mentor each other. It is such a fantastic group and I have benefited greatly from these lovely women. The group consist of Skye, Kasey, Kelsey, Aubrey, Cassie, Kate and Chelsea & Morgan. We have met a few times now through Google +. The set up looks like this. 
I can't wait for you to get to know the gals from my "tribe" and today I'm  stoked to introduce the first. 
Skye from Neathering our Fest

I love how Skye talked about our tribe in this post and this little excerpt was perfect so I had to share

"a tribe is a group of like-minded people that you can identify with on a personal and/or professional level. it has nothing to do with blog genre or niche, whether or not you have a shop, level of expertise, age, sex, race or anything like that. tribes aren't meant to discriminate in any way - they are to bring people together."

and I'm so happy this tribe brought Skye and me together! So without further ado meet Skye
she blogs here
has a nifty shop here
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hey yall! i'm skye - nice to meet ya! i hail from the great state of texas but currently reside in louisiana... but i'm truly a texas gal at heart and it will always be home. i'm a full-time 9-5er with aspirations of working from home one day. my hubs is a pastor to youth and young adults in the methodist church and together we make a dream team! i am a total type-a, list making maniac and he is a laid back, cool-headed fella. we are the yin to each other's yang! over at my blog, neathering our fest, i love to write about every day things that inspire me and record some of the random thoughts that travel through my head. in my shop i sell custom upcycled artwork for all sorts of occasions and love to dabble in graphic design too. i'd love to meet you so pop on over and say hi!

These signs are an absolute have of mine from her shop. I need someone to get married so I can order that personalized wedding sign or just order one for myself seeing how our nine year wedding anniversary is just weeks away. 

You are loved would make a perfect Mother's Day gift don't you think?

Make sure you take a gander at her shop because she is offering FREE SHIPPING for all of you 

Use discount code
to receive free shipping off any order

Thanks Skye for sharing with us today and thank you for just being you!
you. are. awesome!

Happy Friday Friends!

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