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Friday Faves

This was one of the longest Fridays eva! Not sure if I was just looking forward to the weekend or if having a sick baby boy just made it seem like it was forever dragging on. Both sweet, sweet babies are out like a light and I'm about to cuddle up with Micah to embroider while we watch a show of his choice. 
woke to find these two having a potty party while daddy was shaving

I may have consumed two of these blueberry cake donuts, but whose counting

 I planned a bagillion outfits to accompany my new fab clutch from miss Stephanie
and sent out a thank you card with an order using the stationary she sent me. lovehertopieces
 so sad all day my poor lil man
 except when daddy came home of course
 folded two weeks worth of clean laundry that had piled up

couldn't get enough of this one and even let her skip her nap 
Happy Friday!

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Kara said...

These pictures are too cute! Love that new clutch!

Emily Kate said...

Gosh your babies are pretty. And this blog, seriously adorable!

{annie_loo} said...

Love that last picture. Her eyes are amazing!

Kasey Lynne said...

Your kids are SO cute!

Mmmmm I want that donut right now!

Lauren said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this blog. totally cute and I am addicted to each post! can't wait to keep on reading!
I am over at, too!!!