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Spring is in the Air

I know, I know. I had this clutch on my instagram feed and even posted about it in my Friday Faves but I am beyond smitten with it. Not only was it a total score from a giveaway I won here but it is from one of my newest friends I have made in the blogoshpere. I feel so blessed to have new friendships springing up in my life. I feel God has used this blog to bring amazing women into my life and Stephanie, the designer behind this clutch is just an amazing example of just that. 
After emailing each other lengthy novels messages and becoming besties overnight I had stopped by her blog one day to see a giveaway was going on for one of her fab clutches so I entered to win and then BAM I totally won! I squealed, ran around the house and then emailed my dear friend to tell her that it was ME who won and that she could send me one of everything in her shop (just kidding, no I really did) 
I stumbled upon Stephanie through my twitter feed. I had no idea who she was but she kept popping up. I figured she was a new follower from a recent giveaway or something but wasn't sure. She had hilarious tweets and great style. Then one day she posted something and I went on to stalk check her out. When I came to her blog I landed on this post. I wept for her and didn't even know her. I felt some crazy connection and left her a comment hoping she wouldn't think I was a creepo. Not only did she receive my comment with the sincerity it had intended but she emailed me a beautiful response from which our friendship blossomed.

I'm so excited to introduce miss Stephanie to you today, the creator and author behind Sand and Starfish. I know if you go and check her out you won't be disappointed, she is a true gem. Oh and her shop is pretty snazzy too. 
Meet Stephanie.
she blogs here
has a shop here
and tweets here

This daughter of Christ was born and raised in Wisconsin but knew all along that she belonged where she does now,  a hop, skip, and a jump down the street from the beach in Florida. I'm blessed to be able to make lifelong memories with my football stud husband, my ballerina daughter, and our 2 crazy puppies. I love the beauty that surrounds us, it's everywhere we go and it's such a wonderful reminder that God surrounds us as well. I'm a weird mix of modern meets vintage and you can see that in my home as well as my shop. I'm Stephanie of Sand & Starfish, Where the sun comes out to play!
 Isn't she so awesome? Here is a peek of a few items from her shop. I'd suggest you run on over there and get you something because she is offering 30% off as we speak!
Use discount code MARCHON30

oh and I know I'm calling this a spring clutch but will most likely be rockin' it all year long!
Happy Monday!


Little Stitch said...

What a precious clutch! And knowing it was made by a sweet soul makes it that much better. :) Have a great week!

Jen and Jasmine said...

Wow, u have such a great blog! And your featured clutch is really cute :)


Kate said...

how adorable! {&& I wish our "Spring" looked like yours!}

Elisha(: said...


Kelsey Poofy Cheeks said...

I actually saw a link you posted on your blog or twitter and visited her shop a few days ago. She has some LOVELY things!! I love the whimsy and colors she uses!!