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She & Him

So I know I went on Vernon overload these past few posts but I was having mama issues. As in I can't believe he is turning ONE and my baby boy is growing up WAY too fast so let me eat every bit of chocolate in the house and cry whenever I have a spare minute alone. Or while holding him. Or while I'm doing the dishes. Or just cry all day.

Now that him turning was one has come and I am adjusting (barely) I thought I'd let you all know that miss Ashley from Sugar Mama Bakeshop is featuring our Love story over at her blog. You will love her blog where she offers fabulous gluten and/or vegan free recipes that will have you in the kitchen whipping up something wholesome and tasty in no time!
It is really the beginning of how our love story started because you really can't sum up a love story when it doesn't have an end. Nevertheless, I think you should go grab a cookie (or if you're like me, your 1 lb. bag of Chocolate Cadbury Eggs) and take a seat to see how it all started.
oh and speaking of when it all started, I found these pictures from our first year together that we must have scanned in the computer at one time. Our first two years together was pre-digital!!! I can't believe I'm even sharing this first photo. I'm all sweaty and gross right after his show. Man I look gross, but look at how far we've come! I know craziness. But check out the red in my hair in the next shot. WHAT THE WHAT!?? I don't even remember having that. UHMYGAWD!
aww young love!


Ali said...

Wow! That's how I remember Micah actually from back in the day. Willy and I have some crazy predigital pictures too, especially our wedding photos hahaha I'm gonna have to pop over to read your story ;)

The Ward Family said...

Love old pics! So great! Elsie will love those someday! Happy Birthday to Vernon!

jennifer said...

Ummm yeah...I totally remember the red hair but lets check out Micah in that first picture. What happened to that guy :)

Micah Ensor said...

I used to be such a BA!!!!!! Yes Jenn, what happened to that guy?

molly june. said...

whoa! these are too legit to quit.

hey, hey.

too legit! too legit to quit! heeey heeeey!

ok. i'm done :) BAH!