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Instead of

Instead of sleeping safe and sound Thursday night, I was up until 3:00 am with the Sheriffs deputies  investigating suspicious noises. These said noises were amplified with the fear of being alone while Micah was away.
Instead of cozying up for our usual Thursday night routine, Micah was getting this tattoo done while I embroidered these. 
Instead of bathing solo, Elsie asked to play with Vernon in the tub.
 Instead of the forecasted 80 degrees on Friday we were blasted with the Santa Ana winds
Instead of heading to the beach, we stayed home and built castle after castle
Instead of crying because the beach plans changed, Elsie asked to go shopping where the "Froggie Fountains" are.
 Instead of wanting to avoid going out in the winds, I obliged.
 Instead of making "some" Kale chips, I baked two trays worth and ate it ALL in one sitting.
Instead of dolls Elsie treats her Minnie Mouse like her baby.
Instead of enforcing a schedule while daddy was gone, we just played everything by ear.
 Instead of waking up perky like usual they were both pretty fussy.
 Instead of trying to tidy up before Micah's return I just held my sleepy babes all day.
Instead of sleeping in my bed, I slept with Elsie in hers both nights he was away.
Instead of going to sleep at a decent hour like a responsible mama, I stayed up until the wee hours watching a full season of The Wonder years last night.
Instead of a Soy Chai Tea, my brain and body required coffee with TWO shots of espresso this morn.
 Instead of laying down Vernon after he fell asleep in my arms I kissed his soft sweet eyelids and held him so tight. The thought of him turning ONE in a few weeks hurts.Too fast. It went too fast.
Instead of cuddling up with Micah on the couch listening to him tell all about his trip I am blogging, because Elsie missed her daddy and  
Instead of telling her to just stay in her bedroom he is laying there singing to her. And it blesses my heart.


Ensor said... those chubby legs, baby Minnie's mommy, the new tattoo, your new embroidered prints, not sure about those kale chips and what were the suspicious noises?

Kara said...

In love with the embroidery! I've been wanting to get into it so badly but can never find the time!

Jennifer @ Heels to Huggies said...

Such a sweet post! Sometimes you just have to roll with the punches and throw routine out the window. :)

Object of Maya*ffection said...

I LOVE the Wonder years!!