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Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater

It was one of those lounge around, semi productive but mostly just fun weekends. There was some shopping. lots of eating out (I don't think I cooked one meal...craziness!) Church, chai tea lattes, pumpkin cobbler yes you read that right. Recipe to follow. Crafts. Pumpkin Patch. In & Out, which deserves it's own post. Elsie ate her very first cheeseburger! Say what! If you know her, you are aware she is not a big meat or cheese eater. So french fries were her jam. Well today, we marked it on our calenders, Sunday Oct. 9, 2011 Elsie Pearl ate a cheeseburger, and liked it. Of course it was only 1/4 of it but she is a small bites type of girl. I know she would love a good Tapas Restaurant.
She thought we were so silly for cheering every time she took a bite.
You know that moment where you miss that step on the stairs and you think you're going to die. Well, that is exactly the feeling I had while trying to take this shot. A goat literally bit my hand while trying to nibble the camera strap and well we quickly vacated the petting zoo. Micah couldn't stop laughing at me. 
It's okay to want to squish him.
Hope you all had fun in the Fall sun too!

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jennifer said...

My mouth literally fell open when you said E ate a cheeseburger. It is about time!! Proud of her and I do want to squeeze that boy!