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Mondays Maid Simple

So I am here, and with an actual tip for you all. Yay, I know so exciting. Shan was the one to introduce me to this simple method so technically this is her tip and she should be the one posting it, but it was years ago when she showed me and since I am in the process of hanging the last of our artwork in the house I thought I'd share it with all of you.
Instead of the crude and sometimes destructive method of hanging wall decor (i.e; nails and screws) there is a much more discreet way of going about such a process. Steel Sewing Needles. Yup, you read that right. Just your standard sewing needle will do the trick.
I used them in the past to hang pictures, clocks and anything really. I would not recommend hanging something as heavy as a large mirror but the needles hold a surprising amount of weight and can be removed with almost no sign that they were ever driven into the wall. You don't have to use fat needles either, I used a regular sized needle to hold one of my 17 x 22 prints in our last house and two of the same size to hold one of my heavy decorative mirrors.
Purchase needles in various sizes, clip the "eye" end off to the appropriate length and drive them into the wall at a 45 degree angle or perhaps 30 degree for heavier items.
A hammer installs them and a pair of pliers pulls them out.
Least damaging of any other method we have tried.
Unfortunatley, our 1956 home with original plaster walls won't allow this technique to be done. I am super bummed and am now in the process of laying all of our art and decor on the floor to see how I want it displayed on the walls, otherwise we will have huge holes if we make a mistake considering we have to use a drill gun. (BIG SIGH) Hope the rest of you can benefit from this tip though.

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