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Our Garden

So it is finished, well not finished there are still quite a few more veggies I want to plant and besides is a garden ever really finished? Since we have been married (8 years this coming May) I have wanted a vegetable garden. It was impossible the first two years because we were in an apartment then we moved to Menifee where we redid the backyard but focused on our tropical flowers and didn't have a good space for a veggie garden. In Dana Point we only had a patio which was mostly shaded and not a good space for a garden. Now we are here, in our ranch style house with a perfect space for our garden.
It wasn't even that hard to get started either. Micah trimmed back a tree, tilled up the land and composted it. We made the beds, planted our veggies and seeds then let the water and sun take over from there. Now we are seeing flowers sprouting on our produce which means the time to harvest is right around the corner. I'm kind of freaking out about how awesome gardening is. Getting out in the sun, digging up the earth, watching your hard work come to fruition is so rewarding. I love going out with Elsie every morning to water the garden, and watch her dig up dirt and put it into what she calls "Mama's Pots"
 Micah chopped the tree that was shading our garden space
 Tilling it up
 prepping the beds

 Yes, he only put sunblock on to protect his tattoos, so the rest of him got burned
 laying out the spacing of the plants
 plants planted
 My little helper
 Nat found me these awesome stakes for my herb patch
This is a definitely a hobby I can get into. I mean a hobby that is good for your soul and involves food is probably one of the best hobbies out there. Can you imagine all the fresh home made salsa and bruschetta that will be enjoyed at the Ensor household! I can't wait.


Paul said...

Nice photo's. Vegtable gardens are the best. To have a final product that you can eat after all the hard work of nurturing them is a wonderful feeling.

Sweet Tea said...

Love it you guys did a great job and I love Elsie 's smile while planting. We love and miss you all.

DawnaHartman said...

I love how Elsie is gardening in a dress. The garden looks great Nat!