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ummm, did I mention I have a son?

He. Is. Precious!
 ya, that's right... a smile. 
after his first bath
While I was off having Vernon Elsie decided she was going to grow up and be a big girl who eats cereal and poses for her pictures now.


The Ward Family said...

Congrats Nat!! So excited for you. Isn't 2 amazing? Would love to talk if you need anything or need someone to relate to what your going through with 2 little ones (good and bad). Hope you r getting rest. Love ya! Jenn W

jennifer said...

Oh my...she is so big. He had changed so much in those pictures. LOVE THEM!

DawnaHartman said...

AAAH!!! He is wonderful!
And your 1st born, she's precious too...annnnd I'm thinking she's been spending time w/Bea with those looks. :)